€16 or so. I’ve got the best Netflix subscription shared with friends. I’m also using Disney Plus, but a friend is paying for that and sharing it with me. Oh and €5/mo for Spotify Premium (student discount).

More than $50 alone for Hulu+live let alone the other services we subscribe to. At least it’s cheaper than the $250+ we were paying to Direct TV per month.

The old Spotify + Hulu bundle and Prime are the only subscriptions I keep year-round, and I share my Prime membership with my parents so we split the bill. My friend shared Disney Plus with me after I joined their Nintendo Family Plan. I get Netflix or Funimation when there are multiple shows I want to watch, and then cancel when I’m caught up or the season(s) ends. I’ll probably take the same approach with xCloud; pay when I want to play, then take a break until there’s something I want to play again. I have gone 10 months without Netflix more than once and they offered me a free month trial to come back each time, in which I binged everything in that month before I had to pay again.

Zero. Torrents ain’t hard to use, you know.

There you have it. Some are paying a lot, some are keeping it simple, some are gaming the system, and some are just laughing a hearty pirate laugh. If you missed your shot to sound off in the original poll, feel free to let us know what streaming services you’re on board with in the comments below.

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Author: C. Scott Brown