Australian developer and publisher Not Doppler has made a name for itself on mobile over the years with mega hits like the Earn to Die games and the online multiplayer destruction derby Crash of Cars. And while frequently updating Crash of Cars seems to have kept them plenty busy, they have found some time to release a new mobile game. It’s called Dead Zed, and similar to Earn to Die it has its roots as a Flash game on the web. The similarities don’t end there though, as while Earn to Die is a side-scrolling driving game and Dead Zed is a first-person base defense game and couldn’t look more different from one another on the surface, both have really tight core game loops and upgrade systems that keep you coming back for just one more go. Here is a teaser of what Dead Zed on mobile will look like.

The web version of Dead Zed is several years old now and has amassed more than 50 million plays in that time. What’s great about the upcoming mobile version is that it won’t be just a straight port of the Flash game, and will contain “significantly more gameplay compared to the web versions” according to Not Doppler. That will include 14 unlockable and upgradable weapons and 40 unlockable locations. The mobile version of Dead Zed was briefly soft-launched a couple of months back so you can definitely find some videos of it out there if you’re curious, and you can also pre-register for the Android version on the Google Play Store if that’s your thing. Otherwise you can chat about this one with the developers in our forums and look forward to the iOS and Android launch of Dead Zed in “the coming weeks.”

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Author: Jared Nelson