Rayark has been quite busy in 2018, first launching Cytus II [$1.99], the sequel to their fan-favorite rhythm game, back in January and then launching their visually stunning puzzle RPG Sdorica – Sunset [Free] just a couple weeks ago following a fairly lengthy soft launch period. Now the worlds of both games are colliding with a new update to Cytus II which adds a couple of Sdorica songs to the set list for free. To get these new songs, according to the update description, “Players can read the corresponding iM posts in Character – NEKO#ΦωΦ to unlock the collaboration songs.” Here’s a trailer for this new version 1.2 content.

In addition to the Sdorica songs, this update includes two more new songs, one for the free character ROBO_Head and one new one for the paid DLC character ConneR. This is in addition to a fairly beefy update that was released for the game in mid-March. If you want to learn more about Cytus II, then be sure to check out our full review, and if you’re already among those who have been enjoying the game this year then be sure to check out this latest content.

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Author: Jared Nelson