Joypad Controller
By Esywen
$39.99 purchasing options

Extended grip for extra comfort
Programmable macro buttons
Programmable turbo buttons
Smooth analog sticks
Individual USB-C charging ports
Real D-pad on the left joypad


Smaller batteries than real Joy-Con
No IR support
Button materials and design are bad
Can’t use to wake Switch console

Bottom Line

If you can’t stomach the high cost of a real set of Joy-Con from Nintendo, the Esywen Joypad Controller for Nintendo Switch are a more-than-adequate replacement. The design is a bit different (for better and worse) but you get access to two nifty programmable buttons: macro and turbo.

You’re going to miss out on the larger batteries in real Joy-Con as well as the ability to wake the Switch console itself. However, these knock-offs are roughly half the price of the real deal, making those trade-offs more than worth it for the cash-conscious buyer.

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Author: C. Scott Brown