The developers of the entertaining Osteya Adventures [Free] are getting ready to give us another fun-looking game called Fingerboard. This upcoming game will have you, well, fingerboarding your way across levels strewn with dangers, traps, and coins, all the while doing all kinds of fingerboard tricks. Judging from the first screenshots, the game will be quite challenging since the levels are narrow and, I’m guessing, also quite fast. One-finger mobile games are always welcome, and this one looks like a fun one.

Fingerboard will also have you collecting more than 10 handmade fingerboards, which look pretty cool, and, of course, challenging your friends. It might not be as deep as Osteya: Adventures, but Fingerboard looks like it will be fun in its own right. The game is coming out March 21st, and you can find out more about it in our forum thread.