Getting driving directions on your iPhone is a breeze. Just open the Maps app, type in the address for where you want to go, and you will quickly get directions to that spot. You can even ask Siri to give you the directions, and the personal assistant will gladly comply. However, the Maps app will always highlight the toll roads and bridges, if those routes are faster. If you want to avoid paying tolls, you can accomplish that in iOS Maps in just a few easy steps.

Avoid Toll Roads in Your Driving Directions

When you ask Maps for driving directions on iOS, the default setting has the app include toll roads any time they lead to a faster route. While you can certainly scroll through all of the available routes to find one that doesn’t use toll roads, it’s easier if you can get those toll-free driving directions at the top of the list. It only takes a few steps to convince Maps to do that for you.


Of Course, There Are Other Apps for Driving Directions

Naturally, there are a variety of other apps that help you get driving directions. TomTom has its own app, and there’s the ever-popular Waze. Even Google Maps offers you driving directions with turn-by-turn routing. What’s your favorite app for getting from one place to another? Let us know in the comments.

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