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Reviewed by John Chau

Savelings is a very cool location-based, augmented reality game that offers an exciting twist on Pokémon GO.

It’s a reward collecting app for the Android that lets its users collect real world items (e.g. coupons, discounts, and cash prizes).

Developed by Savelings Inc., Savelings is similar to Pokémon GO but instead of catching imaginary Pokemons, players catch Savelings who can reward them with real life cash, discounts and prizes. Cool.


Savelings is unique in that it features a way to navigate a virtual world that is synced with the real world. It uses your location to find little Saveling characters around you that you can collect. The more you collect, the more rewards you will have  that you can share with your pals.

These rewards range from simple coupon discounts to cash prizes. To navigate around the map, players need to actually move around in real life and once an egg is in your character’s circle, you can quickly capture it and earn your reward.

We found that although Savelings operates in a similar way to location-based, augmented reality apps, it still requires players to be in an area with a good data (or WiFi) connection and in a populated area.

We discovered that Savelings doesn’t seem to have any Savelings characters in some rural or backcountry areas (even if they have a good data connection), rather just sparsely located in towns and cities, which leads us to assume that the way Savelings populates their maps is based on the number of cellphone users in an area.

So for users in populous regions of the world, Savelings can be a fun app to use on a morning jog around downtown or a stroll through Central Park, but those who live in rural areas should realize that they will have a harder time finding Savelings.

On a side note, we noticed that when Users register to login to the game world, there is an “Agree to Savelings Terms & Conditions” checkbox, although the agreement could not be viewed. Merely tapping on the words doesn’t link to anything, which made us wonder just what Ts&Cs the user is agreeing to.


Savelings Android App

Appearance and Layout

Savelings looks incredible with its smooth graphics and world map. When it’s first opened, there is a neat, well-designed start-up animation that welcomes you in. The colors are well drawn and pleasing to view, and the 3D characters are perfectly suited for viewing on devices.

The layout is streamlined with minimal clutter, which makes Savelings super easy to navigate and guide your character around. The popup icons for where Savelings reside or where prizes are found are easy to understand (although aren’t very easy to find, even if you’re in a city).

Overall, we liked how Savelings looked and found it to be fairly similar in its display to Pokemon GO.


Savelings is a free app designed to reward you for collecting the little Saveling eggs with coupons, discounts,  cash rewards, and prizes.

For a free app on the Play Store, the most the Savelings will cost you is the amount of space it takes up on your device (roughly 80 MBs), but the amount of rewards you can earn could be substantial.

Overall, we found that for folks who like to both get active and save money, Savelings can be a great app.

Unlike Pokemon GO, Savelings has actual real-world benefits.

Savelings requires Android 4.0.3 and up.

AndroidAppsReview’s rating: ****~ (4/5)

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