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How to use the Samsung Galaxy S10 reverse wireless charging feature

If you purchase any of the new Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphones, you will be able to use a very cool feature that the company calls Wireless PowerShare. Basically, those phones can also charge up almost any other smartphone or other devices that support the Qi wireless charging standard. Editor’s Pick Samsung Galaxy S10: First 5 things to do with your new smartphone So you got yourself a brand new Samsung Galaxy S10. You took it out of the box, peeled off the plastic, and examined it from all angles — it’s exciting, I know. But what happens … Here’s how to use the Samsung Galaxy S10 reverse wireless charging feature. How to use the Galaxy S10 Wireless Powershare feature As you will see, it’s pretty simple to launch this reverse charging feature on the Galaxy S10 phones: First, go to the main display on the phone and pull down the Settings menu from the top of the screen, above the notification panel. Then scroll down until you see the Wireless PowerShare icon in the Settings menu. If for some reason you don’t see that icon, tap on the Menu icon that’s on the top right corner of the screen, and then tap on the Button Order to add the Wireless PowerShare icon Tap on the Wireless PowerShare icon so that it is colored blue. Finally, just turn over the Samsung Galaxy S10 so that...

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Hidey Hole grabs wallpapers from Reddit for you that hide the Galaxy S10’s camera

Since the launch of the Galaxy S10 series, users (including Samsung) have been creating wallpapers that hide the phone’s hole punch cameras. Now, Chainfire, a well-known Android developer, has released an app called Hidey Hole that aggregates these wallpapers for you (via Android Police).  As the developer states in the app’s Play Store listing, you could get all of these wallpapers yourself by just visiting Reddit. What’s special about Hidey Hole, is that the app makes finding specific images more convenient to locate while throwing in a couple of extra features. Hidey Hole v1.00 released! All teh S10 wallpapers with holes in them from /r/S10wallpapers. — Chainfire (@ChainfireXDA) March 19, 2019 Inside the app, you can first sort the wallpapers based on which Galaxy S10 they were made for. From there, you can have the photos listed by the date that they were uploaded to Reddit or by popularity. And thirdly, you can also search for wallpapers by category. Unfortunately, it looks like this feature is still a bit buggy. Lastly, Chainfire added the ability to edit a wallpaper’s brightness, contrast, and colors. These controls allow users to finetune each image to look best on their displays. Editor’s Pick Samsung Galaxy S10 wallpapers are here: Download them at full, glorious resolution The Samsung Galaxy S10 series is finally official, delivering a host of features you’d expect from a 2019 flagship (and...

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Make your next website in minutes with Dragify PopSites

Creating a website doesn’t have to be a nightmare. In fact, in 2019, it can be done in minutes. With the website builder Dragify PopSites, you can build your website with unlimited pages in just three easy steps. You don’t even need to know how to code. All you have to do is log into the PopSites cloud platform and choose from over 100 pre-made templates. Then, using a streamlined drag-and-drop builder, you can design and customize your site to your heart’s content. You can create unlimited pages, blog posts, eCommerce pages, landing pages, and more. You can easily edit links, text, images, and content to fit your theme. You don’t even need to know how to code. Once you’re pleased with the way your site looks, publishing is just a click away. Your site will automatically be responsive and mobile-friendly. You can even run an online store with full professional credit-card checkout, live chat, analytics, and a management console. Usually, a lifetime subscription to Dragify PopSites Pro costs $499, but you can get it now for just $39 — a 92 percent saving. Check out the deal! The AAPicks team writes about things we think you’ll like, and we may see a share of revenue from any purchases made through affiliate links. To see all our hottest deals, head over to the AAPICKS HUB. Like this deal? Check...

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Qualcomm says smart speakers to get smarter and sound better

Qualcomm’s vision for the future of smart speakers is one that’s dramatically better than what we have today. The company announced two new components that will improve the experience all around. A dedicated system-on-a-chip, called the QCS400, aims to boost the IQ of sound bars, as well as in-home and portable smart speakers. Moreover, a refreshed power amplifier, called the CSRA6640, will bring better sound to lower-cost devices. Smarter smart speakers If you have a speaker powered by Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, you already know that the experience can be frustrating. Sometimes the speaker doesn’t hear you, or mishears you, or makes you wait a second or two before it comes to life and responds. Whether given its smarts by Alexa or Assistant, the answers we receive run the gamut from straight on to off the rails. The smart speakers on sale today are powered by a variety of parts-bin components. Qualcomm says it has (so far) gotten away with shoehorning its mobile SoCs into smart devices. Now that smart speakers are on track to be in 220 million homes by 2020 to 2021, Qualcomm knew it needed to up its game. Hence the QCS400. This series of chips is the first from Qualcomm that are dedicated to the smart home and smart speaker segments. They were engineered from the ground up with modern voice controls, connectivity, power...

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Google Stadia controller pays homage to gaming lore with its Konami Code Easter egg

Google earlier today finally took the wraps off Stadia, the company’s cloud gaming service that debuts later this year. However, eagle-eyed viewers of the announcement noticed that the Stadia controller features an important piece of gaming lore: the Konami Code. You can spot the famous cheat code on the back of the Stadia controller, though it’s only visible for a second or two during Google’s GDC 2019  presentation. We managed to grab a screenshot of the code, which you can see in the image below. Polygon found that the Stadia website also features the Konami Code as an Easter egg. When you visit Stadia’s website, type out the Konami Code on your keyboard (up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a). Once that’s done, the website presents you with a 3D model of the Stadia controller. Editor’s Pick 15 best Android games of 2019! Gaming on mobile has been improving at a far greater rate than any technology that came before it. Android games seems to hit new heights every year. With the release of Android Nougat and Vulkan … It’s a nice callback to the most recognizable cheat code out there. The Konami Code first showed up in 1986’s Gradius for the NES and gained popularity from its inclusion in the original Contra. The Stadia controller likely won’t be as recognizable 33 years from now, but...

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