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Google Chromecast with Google TV review: The new best streaming dongle

The Chromecast is arguably one of the most revolutionary products Google TV is almost like its own streaming service since it breaks things up into subsections like “Comedies,” “Oscar-winning movies,” or “Movies about aliens.” The interface feels similar to something like Netflix, but the fact that it shows you content from all the most popular streaming services is great. It’s about time we had a good content aggregator. If you have YouTube TV, there is also a Live tab, which shows you what’s playing on YouTube TV now. You can jump in to get a channel guide or pick something from the list. It’s about time we had a good content aggregator for streaming services. Overall, I am really digging the new Google TV interface. You can find pretty much any show, movie, or YouTube video super simply using Google Assistant for voice search, and being able to control your smart home with the Google Assistant is just icing on the cake. I’ve had plenty of nights in where I’m watching a movie with my roommates, and when someone has a question we can quickly ask the Google Assistant. It’s a full Assistant experience built into your media center. Google TV will also now be an app on mobile. Google is changing the Google Play Movies and TV app into the Google TV app via a software update. You...

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GameClub’s First PC-to-Mobile Port ‘Chook & Sosig: Walk the Plank’ is Now Available

GameClub has spent the past year-plus, and much longer than that if you take into account the six-month open beta period, bringing some of the best games to ever release on mobile back from the dead, updated and ready to rock once again on all of today’s modern devices. It’s been a fantastic ride so far, and I’ve had an enormous amount of fun revisiting so many of the mobile games I’ve loved over the past 13+ years that had been lost to the wind. However, as great as GameClub’s resurrection efforts have been, they also have their sights set on other goals, some of which they laid out back in September. Part of that “next phase” of GameClub was to bring entirely brand new content to existing games in their catalog, and that effort kicked off in a big way with the new content for Breach & Clear that was released last week. The other part of that next phase is GameClub bringing critically-acclaimed PC games to mobile, and that officially kicks off today with the release of the point-and-click adventure Chook & Sosig: Walk the Plank from solo developer TookiPalooki. Here the titular Chook & Sosig join up with a few friends to play a pirate-themed tabletop RPG, which means you as the player get to live out those fantasy adventures via point-and-click gameplay. Here’s a trailer....

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Google Fi deal: Pick up a Pixel 4a for just $216

Credit: David Imel / Android Authority Remember the good old days when you could pick up a new phone for two years and save a chunk of money? Well, those days are somewhat back thanks to a new Google Fi subscription program. You might not think that you need another subscription in your life, but this is a good deal if you’re thinking about the Pixel 4a. The whole idea follows Google Fi’s reliable model of simple plans and simple prices. For just $15 per month, you get Google’s new Pixel 4a and top-notch device protection, as well as the ability to upgrade after two years. You’ll still have to pick one of Google Fi’s plans to go with your new phone, but they start at just $20 per month. All in, you can get a new phone and monthly service for a total of $35 per month. Further, you’re getting all of the best Pixel features for your money. From the camera that takes great low-light shots to the all-day battery, there’s a lot to like and not a lot to spend. We reviewed the Google Pixel 4a ourselves and had plenty of good things to say about it. Google Pixel 4a: Everything you need to know before you buy Device protection is always great, and it entitles you to replacements or repairs for things like drops, spills,...

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Fitbit Inspire 2 review: For new users only

The Fitbit Inspire HR didn’t really need an update. Fitbit’s affordable tracker has been near the top of our This shouldn’t really come as a surprise, but the Fitbit Inspire 2 performs similarly to the Inspire HR. The new backlit OLED display is okay. I didn’t notice any major differences until Fitbit pointed out that the Inspire 2’s display is brighter and more vibrant. It’s definitely not a reason to upgrade from the previous model. I had a few issues viewing the Inspire 2’s display in direct sunlight. You’ll also notice it’s quite hard to capture the display in photos. One of our main gripes with the Inspire HR was its charger. It only loosely stuck to the device when connected, but that appears to have been fixed with the Inspire 2. The new charger looks just about the same, only it has two small clasps that latch onto the device when connected. Once it’s connected to the charger, it’s not going anywhere. Now, if only we could get Fitbit to adopt a single charging cable like I like a lot of what the Fitbit Inspire 2 is doing here. Though, it’s important to remember that this is a lower-end fitness tracker. It took until the ~12-minute mark to get on the same page as the Fenix and Tickr X. The first big rise (~12-16 minutes) was solid, but...

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Here are all the streaming apps you’ll be able to use on the PS5 at launch

  Credit: Sony The PS5 will have access to Disney Plus, Netflix, Spotify, Twitch and YouTube starting from day one. The Apple TV app will also be available on Sony’s new console. The company showed off the PS5 Media Remote. When the PlayStation 5 launches on November 12, you’ll be able to use the console to access most popular streaming services, including Disney Plus, Netflix, Crunchyroll, Spotify, Twitch, and YouTube. Sony recently announced that it planned to roll out the Apple TV app to most of its 2019 and 2020 model Android TV models. So it should come as little surprise that you’ll have the chance to use the software on the PlayStation 5 as well. In the future, Sony says you’ll also be able to access Amazon Prime Video, MyCanal, Hulu and NBC’s Peacock. Related: PlayStation 5 buyer’s guide As on other platforms, the PS5 Apple TV app will let you watch Apple TV Plus originals, subscribe to premium TV channels, as well as buy and rent shows and movies. If you don’t plan on purchasing a PS5 at launch, not to worry; Sony says the software will be available on the PS4 soon as well. Sony also shared a new look at the PS5’s Media Remote. Like the remote that comes with the updated Chromecast, it includes dedicated shortcuts to Disney Plus, Netflix, Spotify and YouTube, plus...

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