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‘The White Door’ From Rusty Lake and Second Maze Has Gone Up for Pre-Order On the App Store On iOS Revealing the Release Date

A little while ago, Rusty Lake started teasing their new project. That was formally revealed as The White Door that was a different take on their brand of storytelling. Your aim in The White Door is to bring colour back to Robert’s life through his routine. This involves exploring dreams and solving point and click puzzles. I really like black and white games that fill up with colour over time or ones that rely on colours as a mechanic. Watch the trailer below: As expected, there will be more than meets the eye in The White Door with secrets teased. I love the monochrome aesthetic here that will fill up with colours as the story progresses. Unlike earlier Rusty Lake titles, The White Door is being published by Second Maze which is Rusty Lake’s new publishing label. While the Steam page for the game went live over a month ago, the iOS pre-order page just went up a few hours ago as spotted by the ever watchful @mixtobin. The White Door releases on November 26th on iOS and Android. You can pre-order it now on the App Store for iOS at $2.99. As of this writing, the Google Play pre-registration page is not live. What is your favourite Rusty Lake release so far? After multiple Cube Escape games and three Rusty Lake experiences, it is going to be interesting...

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Last minute Google Pixel 4 leaks reveal possible US price and box accessories

There’s just one day to go for the new Google Pixel 4 series to launch and leaks around the two new Android phones keep coming. One of the latest leaks reveals what could be the price for the Google Pixel 4 XL in the US. Meanwhile, images of the Google Pixel 4 retail box have appeared on Reddit, revealing all the accessories you will get with the phone. Google Pixel 4 XL price A Best Buy employee apparently provided 9to5Google with information regarding the price of the Pixel 4 XL. He gave the publication a screenshot of the retailer’s system, revealing that the larger 2019 Pixel will be priced at $999. If true, this will make the Pixel 4 XL $100 more expensive than the Pixel 3 XL. The Pixel 4 series was previously tipped to cost CA$1,049.95 ($795) in Canada for the 64GB model. The Pixel 4 XL was rumoured to cost CA$1,359 ($1,029) for the 128GB variant. We would advise our readers not to take these leaked prices at face value since none of these have been officially confirmed or strongly verified. 9to5Google notes that it is possible for the US Pixel 4 XL price listed on Best Buy to be a placeholder. Pixel 4 retail box New images shared on Reddit show what looks like the retail box for the smaller “Just Black” 2019 Pixel. The...

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10 best personal trainer apps for Android!

Personal trainers help a lot of people. They help keep track of your progress, prescribe exercise routines to maximize your results, and can be a great source of motivation. However, human personal trainers are expensive. They’re also difficult to find. Plus, you need a gym to interact with them most of the time. Why not try something digital instead? Here are the best personal trainer apps for Android! 8fit BestFit BodBot Fitness22 FitNotes Fitvate Leap Fitness JEFIT Workout Plans Progression Workout Tracker Training by Runtastic More posts about Fitness 15 best Android fitness apps for Android (updated 2019)! Joe Hindy 4 months ago Here are the 6 best fitness apps for iOS Team AA 8 months ago 10 best fitness tracker apps for Android! Joe Hindy 1 year ago 5 best water reminder apps for Android! Joe Hindy 2 weeks ago 10 best weightlifting apps and bodybuilding apps for Android! Joe Hindy 2 months ago 10 best yoga apps for Android to strengthen that core! Joe Hindy 3 months ago 8fit Price: Free / $19.99 per month / $60.00 per year 8fit is one of the better all-around personal trainer apps. It combines a lot of things into a single experience, including exercise regimens, dietary suggestions, various workout schedules, and a lot more. The app contains about 400 healthy recipe ideas along with 350 exercise tutorials. Additionally, it creates...

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Train to get the job you want with the Interview Mastery Bundle

No matter how many job interviews you do, it’s tough not to be nervous. Never fear, this Interview Mastery Bundle should do just the trick to help you lock down the job you want. The deal doesn’t stop there though. Savumin is offering a special code to make the bundle even more affordable. For the price of a few cups of coffee that help you slog through your current job, why not start a new job that you love? Many people would pay good money to ace an interview, but right now you can grab the bundle for $19.99. The code mentioned above takes the price of all of this instruction down further to just $12. Why not start a new job that you love? This interview mastery bundle includes 11 courses and over 24 hours of instruction. How many of your competitors can say they prepared for the interview for 24 hours? No matter what aspect of the job search you’re worried about, the interview mastery bundle has a course that will erase your fears. From the initial search to etiquette as you start your new position, the bundle has you covered. The Interview Mastery Bundle: Resume making Group discussions Job interviews Business corporate etiquette Email etiquette Job hunting and finding jobs using social media Salary negotiation Effective communication skills This interview mastery bundle would normally cost $299,...

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Sony WH-1000XM3 review: Still the best

The Sony WH-1000XM2 took the gadget world by storm, taking over the top spot of active noise cancelling headphones and knocking Bose out in the process. While the newer WH-1000XM3 is more of a subtle upgrade than a complete redesign, it makes these headphones a way better buy for anyone who is interested in shutting out the world when they listen to music. Check it at Amazon Who are they for? Casual listeners. Pretty much everyone can find a use case for a great pair of active noise cancelling headphones whether you’re a student or CEO. Commuters. If you tend to spend a lot of your time commuting on public transportation, these will help you drown out the annoying sounds of the people around you. Frequent flyers. Due to the great noise cancelling in the lower frequencies, the Sony WH-1000XM3 headphones do a good job at blocking the low rumble of the airplane. What is it like to use the Sony WH-1000XM3? The Sony WH-1000XM3’s exterior boasts a soft-touch material. The Sony WH-1000XM3 isn’t much different than the previous version at face value, but when you look a little deeper some key improvements become apparent. For one, the earpads on the WH-1000XM3 have more depth to them, which allows for a slightly more comfortable fit. If the last model fit a little too snug for comfort, then the newer...

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