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Month: October 2021

The best vertical mice for wrist comfort in 2021

A good vertical computer mouse can alleviate discomfort caused by long-term computer usage. The best vertical mice will put your hand in what’s called a “handshake position,” which is a naturally comfortable resting position for our hands. Let’s take a look at the best vertical mice.  The best vertical mice While the vertical form factor offers unmatched comfort, vertical mice aren’t particularly mainstream. Many of us are used to regular mice that have our hands closer to our desks, or ergonomic mice, with curves to fit our palms. In this list, there are a few brands that stand out in this area of the market, especially for those suffering from carpal tunnel.  Go to Source Author: Luke...

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Guillermo del Toro fans will love his debut vampire feature Cronos

Credit: October Films From the Vault: As the streaming space keeps growing, massive studio catalogs are becoming more and more available. These include lost and forgotten gems, so-bad-it’s-good duds, and just plain weird pieces of film history. And you probably won’t find them by waiting for streamers to put them in front of you. In From the Vault, Android Authority aims to rescue these titles from the algorithm graveyard and help you get more out of your streaming subscriptions. Go to Source Author: Frederick...

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Want more movies and shows like Squid Game? Add these to your queue

Credit: Netflix Have you watched Netflix‘s smash hit Squid Game? The South Korean show has drawn a massive global audience, rising to the number one spot on the streaming platform in a matter of days. So, you’re in good company. But once you’ve finished it, what to watch after Squid Game is probably the question on a lot of people’s minds. So, what are some movies or shows like Squid Game? Squid Game follows a group of contestants participating in a series of games for a huge cash prize. There’s a catch though. If you lose one of the games, you die. It’s brutal, bloody, and a whole lot of twisted fun. Read: Will there be a second season of Squid Game? But the death game genre is nothing new. If you loved Squid Game, there’s a whole lot to watch out there that may scratch a similar itch. There are the bigger titles like the Saw and Hunger Games franchises, but there are lots of other titles from around the world too. So, read on for our breakdown of movies and shows like Squid Game. Watch Squid Game on Netflix Go to Source Author: Frederick...

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Nothing Ear 1 review: Was the hype all for nothing?

The saturated true wireless earbuds market has a new competitor in the ring — Nothing. Utilizing increasingly affordable wireless earbud tech, the company promises a lot with its inaugural product. You get active noise-cancellation (ANC), a water-resistant build, and software support all for under $100. Started by OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei, Nothing has backing from tons of big players in the tech space, from Google Ventures to Casey Neistat, Tony Fadell, and Kevin Lin. We put the Nothing Ear 1 through their paces to determine whether or not the earbuds live up to the hype. $99 .00 Nothing Ear 1 Buy it Now Nothing Ear 1 Buy it Now $99 .00 This Nothing Ear 1 review comes from the audio experts at our sister site SoundGuys. Check out their in-depth take on the Nothing Ear 1. Who should buy Nothing Ear 1? iPhone users who don’t want to splurge on the AirPods Pro should get the Nothing Ear 1 instead. The earbuds feature active noise-cancellation (ANC) and a strong AAC connection to Apple devices for less than half the price of the AirPods Pro. Minimalists will appreciate the translucent design, as well as the fact that these earbuds just work without overly complicated bells and whistles. Gym rats will appreciate the comfort and durability of the Nothing Ear 1. With an IPX4 rating, the earbuds can handle sweat without a...

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‘Age of Z Origins’ Halloween Event Adds New Exclusive Rewards to the Zombie Battling SLG

Age of Z Origins, the hugely enjoyable tower defence game from Camel Games is set to delight its fans with new content and rewards as part of its latest Halloween themed events, Road of Legends and Halloween Fright Night. With stunningly rendered visuals and ingeniously devised strategy features, Age of Z Origins is one of the top strategy games to try this Halloween season. It manages to excite and frighten in equal measure as its player is cast up against an army of undead zombies, seeking to ravage a city sanctuary that you’re charged with protecting in a post-apocalyptic world. The game provides all of the standard strategy features you’d expect of a quality SLG, including training your own troops, the manufacture of weapons, the ability to form alliances, and expansion of territory with the construction of new buildings and fortifications. As an added bonus, you’ll also be able to enter your city’s defence post to go head to head against an invading zombie horde. Thanks to its latest Road of Legends and Halloween Fright events, you’ll be able to enjoy one of the best strategy games online whilst receiving a bounty of Halloween-exclusive treats. With Road of Legends, you’ll receive two new skins (Grim Face City Skin and Ghastly Troops) to help your city stand out on the map, whilst Halloween Fright Night ushers in the appearance of...

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