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Month: July 2020

‘Felix the Reaper’ Review – A Match Made in Death: Dark Comedy, Dancing Skeletons, and Puzzles

Light and dark, sun and shadow… the classic metaphors for life and death. Except, in Felix the Reaper ($3.99), they are not just metaphors, they are also the basic premise of the game. Players will guide Felix, a new field Reaper in the Ministry of Death, as he orchestrates ever more elaborate deaths, intent on impressing his lady-love in the Ministry of Life, Betty. The catch? The two may never meet—Felix must remain in the shadows, while Betty dances in sunlit meadows. Felix the Reaper is a 3D puzzler in the style of Sokoban. Promising shadowy puzzles, comedy blacker than a city sky at midnight, and a dancing reaper, there are a lot of places it could fall short. Unfortunately, fall short it does… where art, music, and animation are high points, the gameplay itself leaves much to be desired. Each chapter starts a little before a character’s timely death, and each level therein we guide Felix through shadows, moving barrels here, mirrors there, setting the stage just so for the star of the show to fall. Of course, it wouldn’t be a game, let alone a puzzle game, if all the shadows just aligned perfectly from the get-go. It’s a little more work than that, and frequently requires moving boxes, barrels, bundles of wheat, mirrors, and other miscellaneous items and beings to create a shadowy path to your...

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Dual Runner ‘Digit & Dash’ from Insomniac Games (Yes, THAT Insomniac) is Brought Back to Life by GameClub

Insomniac Games are largely known for their output on Sony’s PlayStation platforms over the past two-plus decades, including franchises like Spyro the Dragon, Ratchet & Clank, and Resistance: Fall of Man. Heck, they are so intertwined with PlayStation gaming that Sony themselves gobbled the studio up last year, putting them under the Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios umbrella. However, in the seven or so years preceding all that, Insomniac did try to diversify itself by releasing games on multiple platforms including Xbox, PC, and yes even mobile. Back in 2015 one of their newest mobile releases was a clever “simultaneous runner” called Digit & Dash where you had two control two cute little robots independently while they were running up opposite sides of a vertical platform at the same time. We enjoyed it a lot in our review from back then, and here is the original launch trailer for Digit & Dash so you can see what it’s like in action. Anyway, like far too many games have over the years, Digit & Dash eventually became outdated as Apple released new versions of its hardware and software. And so GameClub has swooped in and nursed it back to health, updating it for all today’s latest devices and adding it to their ever-growing library this week. As with any GameClub game, if you previously owned Digit & Dash then you’ll...

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SwitchArcade Round-Up: ‘Fairy Tail’ Review, ‘Moon’ Coming West Next Month, Today’s New Releases, the Latest Sales, and More

Hello gentle readers, and welcome to the SwitchArcade Round-Up for July 31st, 2020. In today’s article, we’ve got a full review of Fairy Tail courtesy of Mikhail, summaries of all of the new releases that hit the eShop today, a little bit of news, and a bunch of new sales to check out. It’s a big fella today, of that there is no question. Let’s get into it! News The Amazing Anti-RPG ‘Moon’ Comes West on August 27th I don’t normally do news on Fridays, but I’ll make an exception this time. Regular readers know I love the works of Onion Games and Yoshiro Kimura. They just have a ridiculous amount of heart, for lack of a more scientific term. The latest game from Onion actually reaches back into the past, when Mr. Kimura worked with a number of other people on a game at the now-defunct Love-de-Lic. Moon was a very unique PlayStation game that questioned a lot of the things we just accept in RPGs, and in doing so served as an inspiration for titles no less famous than Undertale. But the game never officially came out in English. That’s about to change as the game will make its extremely long-awaited debut next month on August 27th. Reviews Fairy Tail ($59.99) Ever since Koei Tecmo acquired Gust a few years ago, it has been interesting to see...

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Some OnePlus Nord owners report screen tinting issues (Update: Fix incoming)

Credit: Ryan-Thomas Shaw/ Android Authority Update, July 31, 2020 (10:30 AM ET): The OnePlus Nord screen tinting issue described below will apparently get a fix soon. According to a statement from the company given to 9to5Google, a software fix is on the way. However, OnePlus would not say what the fix will do nor when it will actually arrive. Considering that OnePlus originally stated that this tinting problem was just an aspect of OLED panels and no fix was necessary, this is a pretty big turn for the brand. That just goes to show the power of people on the internet! Original article, July 29, 2020 (11:00 AM ET): The launch of a popular phone is typically followed by glitch reports from early adopters, and that’s clearly the case with the OnePlus Nord. As 9to5Google reports, users on the official OnePlus forums and Reddit have noticed green, purple, or yellow screen tinting at low brightness levels, typically around the 20% to 25% threshold. As you might imagine, that could be distracting if you’re checking your phone in a dimly-lit room. OnePlus Nord screen tinting issue OnePlus isn’t new to these kinds of issues. Some 8 Pro owners saw tinting that ultimately required software updates to address. However, software might not be to blame in this case. In a statement to 9to5, OnePlus said tinting at low brightness was “characteristic of all OLED...

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