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Month: April 2020

Motorola Edge Plus review: Not perfect, but on par

The A zoom picker lets you quickly jump from 0.5x to 1x to 3x. You can zoom in as far as 10x digitally, but the results are pretty bad. The three main lenses deliver sharp shots at their base focal lengths. I used the 3x optical zoom on the bridge close-up and the geese. You can see how sharp the geese are, which is surprising considering they were paddling along quickly. The selfie shooter is a mixed bag. The regular selfie shot below is sharp and clean, with everything in focus. The portrait, on the other hand, is a mess. I took several samples and all of them cut off the right side of my head. That’s edge detection gone awry. Selfie Portrait For whatever reason, Motorola Macro flowers Macro lichen How does the camera fare against the competition? Surprisingly, it holds up. Android 10 Motorola My UX The phone runs $999 .00 Motorola Edge Plus Buy it Now Motorola Edge Plus Buy it Now $999 .00 Go to Source Author: Eric...

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Xiaomi launches Redmi Note 9 series, Mi Note 10 Lite globally

Xiaomi launched the Xiaomi The Redmi Note 9 series wasn’t the only family to launch globally today, as the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Lite was also revealed for the first time. Xiaomi’s new phone is essentially the same device as the Mi Note 10, albeit with several major camera changes. The Mi Note 10 Lite ditches the vanilla model’s 108MP main camera and two telephoto shooters. Instead, you get a 64MP main camera (IMX686), 5MP depth sensor, and 2MP macro camera. You’ve still got an ultra-wide camera on the Lite device though, but it’s pegged at 8MP rather than 20MP seen on the more expensive phone. Otherwise, the Mi Note 10 Lite has the same Snapdragon 730G processor, 5,260mAh battery, and screen as the standard Mi Note 10. Editor’s Pick Xiaomi Mi Band 4 review: Still the best cheap fitness tracker you can buy Update: April 29, 2020: We have updated our Xiaomi Mi Band 4 review with new pricing details, software information, and more. If you’re reading this Xiaomi Mi Band 4 review, there’s a good chance you’ve either … The Redmi Note 9 Pro has a recommended price of $269 for the 6GB/64GB model, and $299 for the 6GB/128GB variant. The Redmi Note 9 has a recommended price of $199 for the 3GB/64GB option, and $249 for the 4GB/128GB model. Sticking with pricing, the Mi Note 10...

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Choice of Games and Paradox Teaming Up to Create ‘Vampire: The Masquerade’ Gamebooks

Mobile gamers who enjoy a good interactive story almost certainly know the name Choice of Games (Free). The company’s ChoiceScript engine has powered a huge variety of choice-based adventures across a wide range of genres and themes. By working with a bunch of extremely talented authors, Choice of Games has kept a constant, fresh stream of cool games coming for pretty much as long as I can remember having an iPhone. The company has just made an announcement that represents the turning of a new page in its history, and we’ve got the first word on it. Choice of Games and Paradox Interactive, the owners of the World of Darkness brand, are teaming up to create three gamebooks based on the Vampire: The Masquerade IP. The first title, arriving sometime this summer, is Vampire: The Masquerade – Night Road by Kyle Marquis. You may remember his name from the excellent Empyrean, one of my favorite mobile games of 2016. Night Road sees you playing as an elite vampire courier who has been entrusted to deliver some of the most important secrets of the elders. It’s a pretty dangerous job, as you could imagine. You’ll have to use all of your vampiric powers and a whole lot of clever thinking to stay ahead of those who would pursue you. The second in the series will be arriving in the spring...

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OnePlus 8 Pro vs Huawei P40 Pro: The best of China

2020 is a year of important smartphone releases, none more so than the 5x – Huawei P40 Pro 10x – Huawei P40 Pro 2x – OnePlus 8 Pro 3x – OnePlus 8 Pro 4x – OnePlus 8 Pro 5x – OnePlus 8 Pro 10x – OnePlus 8 Pro The two phones also each have a fourth camera. The OnePlus 8 Pro sports a Editor’s Pick Huawei’s Play Store alternative has gotten better, but it’s the apps that count If you’re looking to purchase any of the new Huawei P40 series, you’ll have to get comfortable using Huawei’s App Gallery rather than the Google Play Store. All thanks to the US trade ban. In … OnePlus 8 Pro vs Huawei P40 Pro: The verdict The OnePlus 8 Pro and Huawei P40 Pro offer solid hardware packages where the differences really come down to fine margins. With a number of similarities, design, software, and camera capabilities are the biggest differentiators. OnePlus offers slick software, an excellent 120Hz display, bleeding-edge performance, and a whole host of flagship extras. For a gargantuan phone, I also quite like the way it handles compared to the weighty P40 Pro. It’s also a little bit cheaper too, giving it an edge for value for money. It all comes down to fine margins… except for the software. The Huawei P40 Pro really is a photographer’s smartphone. The...

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