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Month: October 2019

Deal: Charge on the road with the Hudly wireless car charger

If you’re like me, you rely on your phone’s GPS to take you everywhere. The problem is that the navigation tanks your phone’s battery. Why not upgrade your car charger to the Hudly wireless car charger for just $30 with this deal? The Hudly charger combines the convenience of a phone mount with the power of a fast-charging wireless charger. This means you can keep your eyes on the road while checking directions as easily as checking the radio. You can get directions for even the longest of road trips with the wireless charging capability. 10W charging capacity to fill your phone faster. If you’re on the Uber or Lyft grind, the Hudly is a perfect addition to your ridesharing arsenal. I don’t think I’ve ever hopped into a ride that didn’t have a phone running directions mounted somewhere. The problem is that many of the mounts you can buy don’t offer a charging capability. The Hudly wireless car charger offers 10W of charging capability, faster than many options on the market. Forget feeling like your charger lets your phone die faster than it charges. The Hudly Wireless Car Charger at a glance: 10W charging capacity to fill your phone faster. Plug in a second device through the USB port. Secure to a vent, window, or dashboard. Charge safely with overheat and overcharge protection. The Hudly wireless charger has...

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How to enable RCS messaging on your phone, regardless of carrier (Updated)

Update, October 31, 2019 (5:21PM ET): Thanks to Reddit user LinkofHyrule, we now know you can connect to carrier-specific Jibe servers if you encounter issues during setup. We’ve updated the original article below with the steps to connect to the aforementioned servers. Original article, October 28, 2019 (6:22AM ET): RCS messaging is meant to be the next evolution of SMS, bringing a variety of nifty features to the table to rival Apple’s iMessage. But the truth is that many carriers around the world are dragging their feet in implementing the feature. Now, a tutorial on reddit has shown users how to enable RCS on almost any smartphone, regardless of carrier. It’s worth noting however that RCS doesn’t apparently support dual-SIM phones though. In any event, the solution requires the Android Messages beta, and Activity Launcher app. Once you’ve got those apps, you should then turn off Wi-Fi and follow the reported steps listed below. How to enable RCS messaging on your phone Open Activity Launcher Tap Recent Activities, and in the menu choose All Activities Look for Android Messages Tap it, then scroll until you find Set RCS Flags (  After pressing it select ACS Url and in the menu select Alternatively, manually enter the Jibe server address intended for your carrier network into the ACS Url box. You can go here to see the details for your...

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Nokia 7.2 allegedly has unlockable bootloader, a first for HMD Global’s Nokia

HMD Global’s revival of the Nokia brand has gone exceptionally well so far. However, the custom ROM community has been miffed by how no new Nokia devices have unlockable bootloaders. It appears that’s not the case anymore, though, as the Nokia 7.2 bootloader has allegedly been unlocked. According to Techmesto, not only is the Nokia 7.2 bootloader unlockable but it’s incredibly easy to unlock by following the usual steps: turning on developer options, enabling OEM bootloader unlocking, and then using ADB and fastboot to push the usual unlocking commands. Allegedly, you don’t even need an unlock code to finish off the process. As proof, Techmesto posted the below image which appears to be a Nokia 7.2 with an unlocked bootloader: Techmesto With an unlocked bootloader, Android developers can create custom ROMs for devices, such as the popular Lineage OS. Since all other HMD Global devices with the Nokia brand name come with fully-locked bootloaders and no option to unlock them, the custom ROM community mostly ignores Nokia devices. It’s possible the Nokia 7.2 represents a turnaround of sorts for HMD Global. Or, it’s also possible that this is all a mistake and HMD will soon push an update to lock the Nokia 7.2 bootloader to match all its other devices. Either way, if you have a Nokia 7.2 at the moment it is likely unlockable following the steps here. If you...

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Hackers able to unlock smartphones by lifting fingerprints off a drinking glass

At a demonstration in China, a team of hackers working with Tencent used an unorthodox method to unlock a stranger’s smartphone (via South China Morning Post). The team was able to trick the smartphone fingerprint sensor using a legitimate fingerprint lifted from a glass of water. The team demonstrated this hack on stage during a hacking event, using its method to unlock three smartphones and two attendance machines equipped with fingerprint sensors. The hack is fairly simple: a subject touches a drinking glass with their fingers and the hacker uses a smartphone to photograph the fingerprint left behind on the glass. The hacking team produced an app that can then scan that photograph and create a cloned fingerprint that can then be scanned by the subject’s smartphone fingerprint sensor and unlock the device. However, the team did not demonstrate the entirety of the hack on stage. Notably, they did not go over how the app is able to lift the appropriate fingerprint data from just a photograph nor did they demonstrate how they were able to make a physical copy of the fingerprint to then use on the sensor. Related: Best phones with in-display fingerprint scanners Although their methods aren’t entirely clear, the hackers did claim that they were able to use this method successfully on the three most popular smartphone fingerprint sensors: capacitance (a physical sensor, such as the...

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Parent company of OnePlus, Oppo could soon surpass Samsung as top dog

Over the years, smartphone companies like Oppo, OnePlus, Realme, and Vivo have become household brand names around the world. With the global success of these devices, their parent company, Chinese conglomerate BBK Group, just might surpass Samsung as the number one phone manufacturer in the world. According to Counterpoint Research, BBK Group’s top three performers — Oppo, Vivo, and Realme — account for nearly 20% of the global smartphone market as of Q3 2019. Collectively, these brands sold more than 72 million devices around the world in that same quarter. This isn’t accounting for OnePlus sales either, so BBK’s overall sales numbers should be even a little higher. Counterpoint Research Compare those numbers to Samsung’s 20.6% market share and 78.4 million devices sold in Q3, and we can see that BBK is hot on its heels. Despite Huawei’s continued success, it trails behind BBK with 66.8 million devices sold in Q3, and it currently holds 17.6% of the global market. The numbers also seem to allude that Realme is the company pumping up BBK’s numbers the most this quarter. Oppo and Vivo’s Q3 2019 numbers are actually a bit lower than last year’s Q3 report. Realme, on the other hand, has sold nearly ten times as many devices this year. The company sold 10.2 million devices compared to last year’s 1.3 million. Though Realme still only accounts for a...

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