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Month: March 2019

25 Bixby actions to try with your new Galaxy S10

After unboxing your brand new Samsung Galaxy S10 and setting up all the basics, it’s time to let loose and start playing with the plethora of features the device offers. One of them is Bixby, Samsung’s digital assistant that lets you interact with the device through voice commands. Bixby understands thousands of commands and lets you do things like play music and check the weather without even touching the device. We won’t show you every single command Bixby understands in this post. Instead, we’ll focus on the most popular ones you’ll likely use often to get things done faster. Here are 25 useful Bixby commands you should try out with your new Galaxy S10. 1. Save a contact Command: Hi Bixby, add Paul as a new contact with his number 1234-5678. 2. Get up to speed Command: Hi Bixby, read me my last text message. 3. Delete sensitive info Command: Hi Bixby, delete all messages that contain the word “PIN number.” 4. Capture and share Command: Hi Bixby, take a screenshot and text it to Jennifer. 5. Download an app/game Command: Hi Bixby, download Instagram from the Google Play Store. 6. Share it with the world Command: Hi Bixby, post the last photo I took on Facebook. 7. Enjoy yourself Command: Hi Bixby, play a funny cat video on YouTube. 8. Set a timer/stopwatch/alarm…. Command: Hi Bixby, set a...

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This week in Android: The P30 Pro elevates mobile photography

The big news this week was Huawei’s event in Paris where it unveiled the P30 and the P30 Pro. The P30 Pro features incredible cameras, which took the first place spot on DxOMark. In real-world use, the camera lives up to the hype, besting both the P20 Pro and the Samsung S10 Plus with ease. We also reviewed the Huawei Matebook 14, a new laptop that will contribute to Huawei’s record revenue growth. In other device news, we reviewed the Samsung Galaxy S10 and the Samsung Galaxy A30, AKA the awkward stepchildren of the Galaxy line. We also got a sneak peek at Xiaomi’s impressive 100-watt charger and a new concept folding phone. That wasn’t the only new concept phone, as Oppo Reno’s unique pop-up camera leaked in all its shark fin glory. Here are the top 10 stories for the week Huawei P30 and P30 Pro hands-on: Zooming into the future – Huawei’s latest learns from last year’s P20 Pro and elevates phone cameras to a whole new level. Get all the details here. Is the Huawei P30 Pro camera worth the hype? See for yourself – We take the newly released P30 Pro onto the streets of Paris to see if it truly lives up to the marketing. Spoiler warning: it does. Huawei P30 cameras: All the new tech explained – 40MP SuperSpectrum f/1.6 sensor, 20MP f/2.2...

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Huawei P30 Pro international giveaway!

It’s time for the Sunday giveaway! Like every week, we’re giving away another a brand new Android phone to one lucky Android Authority reader. A big congratulations to the winners of last week’s Google Pixel 3 XL giveaway, Cristian D. from Romania. This week we’re giving away a brand new Huawei P30 Pro, courtesy of the Android Authority Newsletter! Get caught up on the week’s top stories, reviews, and features by signing up for the Android Authority Weekly Newsletter. Every Sunday, you’ll receive an email alert with a roundup of the best content from the previous week. The Google Pixel 3 might be the photography king, but not if Huawei has anything to say about it. The new Huawei P30 Pro packs a triple-camera setup — complete with a time-of-flight sensor — and brings one of the most versatile camera experiences out there. The 40MP main sensor, coupled with the 20MP wide-angle and 8MP telephoto lenses, aim to offer a solid photography experience whether you’re shooting landscape or portrait photos. This is all backed by a fantastic spec sheet, a striking design, and new hardware features that give other 2019 flagships a run for their money. To learn more about the Huawei P30 Pro, head to our related coverage below: Huawei P30 Pro hands-on: Zooming into the future The best Huawei P30 Pro cases Is the Huawei P30 Pro camera worth...

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Beyond eSIM: How iSIM could turn phones into the ultimate Internet ID

Most modern smartphones still support the classic SIM card (well, the nano variant at least), but a gradually growing number of phones and other consumer gadgets are starting to support eSIM. We might not be too far away from yet another change in SIM tech, as devices could soon start using iSIM. Earlier this year, Arm unveiled its vision for the iSIM – an integrated SIM that fits into a device’s system-on-a-chip. In the future, along with a CPU, GPU, LTE or 5G modem, your next phone SoC could also include the SIM card built inside it too. While there might not appear to be a big difference compared to eSIM, iSIM could end up drastically changing the way we use a wide range of connected devices. eSIM vs iSIM eSIM and iSIM are rather similar in a number of respects. Both replace the transferable nano SIM cards with a hardware chip that’s permanently fixed inside a user’s phone, tablet, or other gadget. When you consider that nano SIM cards are around 12.3 x 8.8 mm in size, as well as the hardware necessary to house them, these ideas save on a lot of space. Don’t fret, eSIM and iSIM are still configurable, allowing customers to select carriers, data plans, and to change their numbers at will. These two SIM technologies can be reprogrammed as needed to change carriers and modify restrictions or permissions...

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Seven years ago today, Samsung beat Nokia to become global #1 OEM

Nokia had enjoyed 14 years as the number one global cell phone maker. The Finnish company’s phones were ubiquitous throughout the late 90s and 2000s, but the rise of the smartphone era would see it stumble. By the end of the first quarter of 2012, Samsung had charged ahead of its rival in global smartphone shipments, and Nokia would continue to nosedive thereafter. Editor’s Pick A history of Samsung’s Galaxy Note series Everyone, and we mean everyone, has some sort of established smartphone series. By this, we’re talking about the many distinguished smartphones series’ that have accumulated a potent lineage throughout the years. Names like Apple’s iPhone, … Nokia had made a few significant missteps towards the end of its reign: the company had been focusing on its own Symbian platform believing it would become a viable competitor to iOS and Android, before signing a deal with Microsoft to create products for another doomed mobile platform — Windows Phone. But it wasn’t just Nokia’s decisions that meant it couldn’t sustain the top global vendor slot. Nokia’s major rivals, Apple and Samsung, happened to be making some of their best products ever. At that time, Samsung was already on the verge of releasing the Galaxy S3 in Q2 2012, having produced arguably its first truly exceptional smartphone, the Galaxy S2. Apple, meanwhile, wasn’t doing too bad either, having already dethroned Nokia once in...

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