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Month: December 2018

Deal: Learn over 40 easy ways to manage stress for under $11

If you’re reading this then you might agree that the festive period can be stressful. Family commitments collide with work or study, and you can find yourself struggling to cope. You probably have a big January ahead, so it’s important to manage stress effectively for your wellbeing. Gregory Caremans can help. He’s a psychologist and current Director of the Institute of Neurocognitivism in Brussels. He understands how stress can permanently damage the brain, and therefore how important it is to combat it. If you want to manage stress, Caremans has put together a short online learning kit to get you started. The Stress Management Course has over 40 easy tips you can follow to help you overcome this mindset. The tips are split into four types of relief strategies: cognitive, physical, sensory, and emotional. Whatever’s getting you frazzled, this course can help you overcome it. Stress Management Course at a glance: Access 19 lectures and one hour of content 24/7. Understand the different types of stress. Learn different types of relief strategies. Apply over 40 different ways to manage your stress. The course retails for $100, but right now it’s being promoted for just $12.99. Also, we have a promo code to save you a little bit extra. If you use the code NEWYEAR2019 at the checkout, the price drops again to just $10.53.  This deal ends in a...

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Eli’s 2018 in Review: Wiener Dogs, Mobile Esports, and Pirates- OH MY.

2018 was one heck of a year for me, both personally and professionally. Most of my time outside of TouchArcade has gone to wrangling a new dog that we rescued this year which has been an interesting experience to say the least. I’ve always been more of a cat person, and dogs I’ve had in my life we always got as puppies, so you I’ve never needed to unravel the mysteries of behavioral patterns and problems that likely came from growing up in what we can only assume was an abusive household. It’s been surprising how rewarding earning a scared dog’s trust is turning out to be. Also, in the photo, Bruno is on the left, and our slightly older dog, Steve, is on the right. They’re both smooth haired red dachshunds that are related to each other. Steve is Bruno’s uncle, which is pretty neat. I officially had a mid-life crisis, buying a 2018 Miata when Mazda was practically giving them away ahead of the 2019 mid-model refresh. It’s weird driving a car that actually is fun to drive, versus my positively ancient Prius which I kept as a daily driver. Amusingly enough, I bought this car quite literally days before Apple killed the App Store affiliate program, which is yet another decision I made which turned out to be hilariously poorly timed through no fault of my...

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Mikhail’s Year in Review: 2018’s Best Games and More for iOS and Nintendo Switch

Looking back at how iOS gaming has evolved since December 2017 where we suddenly had a plethora of console and PC ports has been interesting. I didn’t think 2018 would top 2017 but mobile now has two of the biggest games in the world and one of them is more polished on mobile than it is on PC and consoles. 2018 has also been an interesting year for the Switch and for indie developers who make games for multiple platforms. Instead of doing a top 10 list of games for 2018, here are 10 things I liked about 2018. If you want just a list of the best iOS games, read our huge list of the best games in 2018 here. Donut County, $4.99 Donut County releasing on iOS alongside the PS4 version was great because it looked like a game that would work best on touch. Having bought it everywhere (I do this with a few games) and playing it, this is best on iPad. Annapurna Interactive might be my favourite publisher of 2018 alongside Capcom and Donut County is an excellent and relaxing experience. Be a hole and get this. It is like a modern indie take on Katamari Damacy. Monster Hunter Stories, $19.99 Monster Hunter Stories hitting iOS and Android in English is a huge deal for a variety of reasons. Capcom’s spinoff to the super...

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Holiday Deal: Mint Mobile offers 3 months of service for $20 (Last day!)

This year for the holidays, Mint Mobile is offering 3 months of service for only $20. That’s $40 less than the normal price for this plan, which includes unlimited talk, unlimited text, and 5GB of LTE data. Get this deal Okay, sure. What’s the fine print? Actually, there’s not much! Here’s the full breakdown: This deal began on November 22 and is only here for a limited time — the deal ends January 1, 2019. If you decide that Mint isn’t for you at any point during your first week, then you can collect a full refund. Cannot combine this offer with any other offers. No real strings or ‘gotchas.’ Straightforward, high-quality deals are kind of what we’ve come to expect from Mint. So what exactly is Mint Mobile? Mint Mobile is a T-Mobile MVNO (mobile virtual network operator). Basically, that just means it piggybacks off T-Mobile’s network and you can use any unlocked smartphone compatible with T-Mobile. Furthermore, if T-Mobile has solid coverage in your area, then you can expect the same coverage from Mint. Editor’s Pick Best prepaid phones (May 2018) There was a time when prepaid was a carrier status maintained almost exclusively by young people and often the ‘credit challenged’. After all, prepaid phone plans were generally less impressive than carrier plans with too … Not sure if your phone is compatible with Mint? Click the...

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Brain Marbles is the Perfect Puzzle Game for a Relaxing Challenge

Brain Marbles – solitaire puzzle game! Price: Free Rating: ****½ (4.5/5) Android Game Review by Puzzles are a great way to while away some time and keep your gray matter up to snuff and sharp. As far as we’re concerned the more puzzles the better! Brain Marbles stands out by being a very well […] Go to Source Author:...

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