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Month: October 2018

Phenomenal Card-Based Dungeon Crawler ‘Card Crawl’ Free for Today Only

It’s hard to believe that it’s been three and a half years since the release of Card Crawl, the game that put developer TinyTouchTales aka Arnold Rauers on the map. The breaking down of the mechanics of a dungeon crawling game and then building them into a solitaire-style card game was nothing short of genius, and perhaps it doesn’t feel like Card Crawl released all that long ago because it’s been a mainstay on my device ever since, receiving frequent visits whenever I have a moment of free time to kill. Well in celebration of Halloween today, and for today only, Card Crawl is currently free for the first time ever. Sure it’s been as cheap as a dollar before, but this is FREE. That’s even LESS than a dollar! If you for some reason need even more convincing to go download a free game, then definitely check out our original review of Card Crawl from when it released, though know it has received quite a bit of new content by way of updates since then. For an even more comprehensive assessment of the game, our own Shaun Musgrave gave Card Crawl the Classic Reload treatment last year. The one catch is that since this is a one-day only freebie, and TinyTouchTales is located in Europe, that could mean we only have a few hours to grab this for...

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Deal: Samsung EVO 128GB microSD card only $25 at Amazon

Not many smartphones have expandable storage anymore, but those which do usually allow for quite a bit of extra space. However, high-capacity (and high-quality) microSD cards usually aren’t cheap. But not today! Right now, at, there’s a microSD card deal which gets you a Samsung EVO 128GB microSD card for only $25. If you’re an Amazon Prime member, shipping is free. If you’re not, just add another $10 item in there to reach the free shipping threshold. Editor’s Pick Best Android phones with expandable memory (March 2018) A few years ago,  phones with expandable memory were starting to become a dying breed. However, there are still many great phones that include microSD card slots so you can add as much as 512GB of … Included with your microSD card purchase is an SD card adapter, which easily lets you swap your card from your laptop to your phone. If 128GB isn’t enough for you, there’s also a 256GB option for the very reasonable price of $60. However, check to make sure your smartphone can support that much storage, as many devices have certain limits. And, if 128GB is overkill, the 64GB card is only $14 with free Prime shipping. However, 64GB cards are usually found at prices that low, while this 128GB card is definitely a deal. We’re not sure how long this deal will last, so we suggest...

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The Garbage Pail Kids are Getting a Mobile Game

On its surface, this story isn’t that interesting as if I had a dollar for every time we heard that some obscure IP you probably don’t remember is getting a mobile tie-in we wouldn’t need Patreon. However, the Garbage Pail Kids is one hell of an IP, and defined a large part of the childhood of boys who grew up in the 80’s. If you don’t fit that slim demographic, here’s the gist: For whatever reason, Cabbage Patch Kids were unbelievably popular, and at least in my life, were one of the original chase toys that people go wild trying to find during the holidays- Like an earlier version of Tickle Me Elmo. Garbage Pail Kids, on the other hand, directly ribbed Cabbage Patch dolls with terrible puns and humor that perfectly fit in line with what you’d find to be absolutely hilarious as a young boy. Basically, if you’ve ever read a copy of Mad Magazine, it’s that humor, plus trading cards, plus making fun of Cabbage Patch dolls. Amusingly enough, at my school, just around the time interest in the Garbage Pail Kids and their associated trading cards was really starting to wane, for some insane reason my school decided to ban them. It was one of those administrative decisions that couldn’t have been timed more poorly, as if they would’ve waited another week or two absolutely...

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Honor announces a smartwatch, tablet, and AirPods rip-offs alongside the Magic 2

In addition to the Magic 2, Honor announced a trio of other devices: the Honor Watch Magic, Honor Waterplay 8, and Honor FlyPods. The Watch Magic is Honor’s first smartwatch, while the Waterplay 8 features two rear cameras. The FlyPods come in two versions: normal FlyPods and the FlyPods Pro. With the October madness finally drawing to a close, Huawei sub-brand Honor finally announced its rumored Magic 2 slider smartphone that avoids the polarizing notch. Honor was not satisfied with just announcing a smartphone, however. The company also unveiled the Watch Magic smartwatch, Waterplay 8 tablet, and a set of truly wireless earbuds that reminds us of a certain fruit company’s earbuds. Honor Watch Magic First up is the Watch Magic, which Honor teased as its first smartwatch not too long ago. The Watch Magic features a 1.2-inch circular AMOLED display with 390 x 390 resolution, GPS, GLONASS, barometer, compass, and NFC. It also features a heart rate monitor, detects when you are sleeping and swimming, and monitors your pressure in real-time to provide breathing exercises after workouts. The 178mAh might seem small, but Honor claims it will be enough for a week of typical use. Helping the battery life is Honor’s use of its own operating system instead of Wear OS, though the Watch Magic still syncs up with your phone and displays notifications. The Watch Magic comes in two...

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The most important Android smartphones since the Google Nexus 5

The Nexus 5 was arguably one of the best flagships the Android world has ever seen. It had a significant impact on the mobile industry, delivering almost unprecedented value for money when $600 and $700 flagships were the norm. Many great phones have been released since it landed in 2013, but few (if any) have been as influential. To celebrate the phone’s five-year anniversary, we’ve picked out five Android handsets from the intervening years we consider among the most important. Whether they picked up the Nexus 5’s value-for-money baton, introduced a feature later aped by others, or raised the bar for the Android experience at large, here are our picks. Also read: The five biggest things to happen to smartphones since the Nexus 5 OnePlus One The Nexus 5 delivered high-end specs in a cost-effective package, much like OnePlus when it launched its $299 OnePlus One flagship back in 2014. That same year saw Google — no longer content to sell affordable flagships — release the Nexus 6 for $650. Google wasn’t the only player selling expensive high-end phones at the time. Samsung’s Galaxy S5 and the HTC One M8 both had a $650 asking price, so people took OnePlus’ “flagship killer” marketing seriously at the time. Related: Looking back at the OnePlus One (and other cheaper flagships) The OnePlus series has seen a steady price increase over the years, as the company adds more...

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