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Month: October 2018

‘Diablo III: Eternal Collection’ First Impressions – Excellent Port of a Game That Is Perfect for Switch

When Diablo III made the jump to PS3 and 360, most people were skeptical about the visuals and the controls. Thankfully, Blizzard nailed the controls with various tweaks to make the game that was built for keyboard and mouse work great on a gamepad. The game eventually became quite the couch co-op phenomenon on consoles and even saw great ports to PS4 and Xbox One. Blizzard finally brings Diablo to Switch in the Eternal Collection that has been ported by Iron Galaxy who also ported Skyrim. Read Eli’s impressions of Skyrim on Switch here. Diablo III: Eternal Collection includes the base game, the Reaper of Souls expansion, the Rise of the Necromancer DLC, and exclusive Switch cosmetics and amiibo support. It also has the advantage of including all the fixes and additions the game saw for years on other platforms and is the most polished the release yet. When it comes to exclusive content, you get Ganondorf armor, a pet, some wings, and amiibo support in addition to what the Switch hardware offers thanks to the various gameplay and control options. While it already is a great couch co-op game on other consoles, the Switch offers a lot more with local wireless support and even single screen single Joy-con play. It is pretty mindblowing that you can play with a friend using a single Joy-con each on the same...

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Best Bluetooth headphones

Although Bluetooth audio quality can’t hold a candle to wired options, it’s convenient for most and preferred by many. Seeing as the consumer market is settling comfortably around wireless earbuds and headphones, we present to you a truncated version of our sister site SoundGuys’ list of the best Bluetooth headphones. See: In-depth article available at SoundGuys Best all-around Bluetooth headphones: Focal Listen Wireless The headband effectively distributes weight across the head, minimizing fatigue. Reasons to buy the Focal Listen Wireless: The Focal Listen Wireless provides aptX support for improved audio streaming. The headphones feature a 20-hour battery life. Hinges allow the headphones to fold up for transport. Passive isolation is effective at attenuating background noise. Get the Focal Listen Wireless! Best durability: V-Moda Crossfade 2 Wireless Codex Despite the bulky build, the V-Moda Crossfade 2 Wireless Codex folds up to a more compact form. Reasons to buy the V-Moda Crossfade 2 Wireless Codex: These durable Bluetooth headphones have received MIL-STD 810G certification. Both aptX and AAC codecs are supported. Wired listening affords hi-res audio quality and zero latency, great for gamers. The headphones house an integrated DAC/amp. Get the V-Moda Crossfade 2 Codex! Best noise cancelling: Sony WH-1000XM3 The new Sony WH-1000XM3 uses LDAC as its main Bluetooth codec, but you might not be getting the best they have to offer. Reasons to buy the Sony WH-1000XM3: Sony’s WH-1000XM3...

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‘Stardew Valley’ Update Fixes an iPhone XR Resolution Issue, Improves Fishing, and More

Stardew Valley ($7.99) is one of the best games out there on any platform. I was pretty surprised and excited to see it come to iOS and the port is pretty great. We’ve covered it a ton already and you can read Eli’s impressions and his full review for it. It has been updated quite a few times since release to fix various issues and to allow for some modern conveniences like background music or podcasts support. Today’s update fixes some gameplay bugs and improves certain aspects of the game. Watch some gameplay from the iOS port below: You can now tap and hold to move and cast the fishing rod. This improves fishing considerably for me. Without going into spoilers, the pantry junimo note button has been fixed and the Spring onion event has been positioned correctly. Even though a lot of what’s mentioned and discussed for Stardew Valley online will not feel like a spoiler, I’d rather people go into the game completely cold and getting surprised by how great it is and how many surprises it has. Stardew Valley is available on iOS and it is coming to Android soon. I love how it manages to bring my favourite bits of Story of Seasons (this is the current version of the original Harvest Moon franchise), Animal Crossing, and even Terraria together with its own charm to...

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Four apps win Material Design awards, including Lyft and Anchor

Google Google just announced the winners of the Material Design awards for 2018. Each winner earned its award in one of four categories: expression, innovation, experience, and adaptation. Winners include popular ride-hailing app Lyft and podcast-creation app Anchor. Each year, Google gives out awards to various Android apps which it feels exemplify the Google design language known as Material Design. The 2018 winners of this prestigious acknowledgment were just announced. There are four winners this year, with each app earning its award within four distinct categories: expression, innovation, experience, and adaptation. Although the winners are listed below, the app creators will be officially acknowledged at SPAN Helsinki tomorrow, November 1. Here are this year’s winners: Expression — KptnCook Innovation — Lyft Experience — Simple Habit Meditation Adaptation — Anchor KptnCook is a recipes app which also doubles as a kind of Cooking 101 class, presenting recipes in easy-to-follow guides with a clutter-free UI. Google says the app presents an “intimidation-free approach to cooking” which “extends through the app’s engaging, hassle-free design.” Google commends KptnCook’s “harmonious use of color, imagery, typography, and motion.” Editor’s Pick Keep Notes gets a fresh coat of Google’s revamped Material Design Slowly but surely, Google’s suite of apps continue to receive updates to the revamped version of Material Design. Keep Notes is the latest app to receive the update and features all the refreshes you have … Lyft is probably the most...

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Best New iPhone Games on Our Forums: Trigger Heroes, Legend: Rising Empire, Knights & Dungeons, Old School RuneScape and Tons More

It’s another Wednesday of iOS game releases and today’s made up holiday is … WAIT A MINUTE IT’S HALLOWEEN! We’re in for a SPOOKY day of game releases filled with tricks, treats, and the skeleton dance. What’s the skeleton dance? Well, a million years ago when Carter was still writing for us he asked if he could include this dumb video in a news story he was writing, I said sure, and so he included it as the footer of everything he published on the site for the entire month of October. So, let’s pour one out for both Carter and the spooky skeleton dance. Anyway, while you’re being bombarded with trick or treaters tonight, why not check out some of these new games? Here’s everything that has been posted to our forums so far: BlockOn: Puzzle Defence (by BEESIDE) Buried Treasure! (by four and a half games) Car Pizza Delivery Simulator (by Imran Sohail) Farkle King (by Gamezoka) Flirt Balls – Hello To Love! (by Black Chilli Games) Fox Hime Zero (by AsicxArt / SakuraGame) Grancrest War: QuartetConflict (by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment) Help! I’m Haunted (by Sky Pirate Studios) Hole Runners (by BAP IT) Knights & Dungeons (by Paradox Interactive) Legend: Rising Empire (by NetEase Games) Love Letter – Card Game (by Asmodee Digital) Ludo Saga (by GameZoka) Mad Rocket: Fog of War (by Four Thirty Three) Magical...

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