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Month: July 2018

Samsung is losing ground in the mobile industry. What can it do to stay on top?

It hasn’t been the greatest year for Samsung. While it’s true that the company is still pulling in billions in revenue and the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is the most popular Android smartphone of the year so far, there’s likely not much celebrating going on at Samsung HQ. Things started to go wrong in late 2017 when Apple took the top spot in the United States for smartphone market share, and Xiaomi overtook Samsung as the smartphone king of India. Samsung tried to deny the latter feat for a while before it was independently confirmed in January of this year. In further Indian woes, earlier today we learned that young startup Chinese company OnePlus has the most popular premium smartphone in India — the OnePlus 6 — which bested Samsung for the first time ever. Editor’s Pick Samsung Galaxy Note 9: All the rumors in one place (Updated July 27) In this post, which will be updated regularly, we take a closer look at the latest rumors surrounding Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note 9 smartphone. Update (07/27): It looks like several Galaxy Note 9 cases and flip … Although the popularity of the Samsung Galaxy S9 can’t be denied, the phone is not doing as well as previous installments in the Galaxy S series. Samsung admitted as much in its recent Q2 2018 earnings report, and also admitted that it...

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Amazon Item of the Day: Elago W3 Vintage Mac Apple Watch Charging Stand – A Super Cute Way to Charge Your Apple Watch

One of the best ways you can support TouchArcade is by doing your Amazon shopping through a TouchArcade affiliate link. We’ve set up the easy to remember too if you want to type that in or bookmark it. We get a small percentage of anything you buy through any of these links, which otherwise would just go to financing Jeff Bezos’s Dippin’ Dots R&D or whatever else he’s up to now, and it goes a long way to supporting the site at no additional cost to you. These Amazon Items of the Day articles are all products we have used ourselves, and feel are things that the TouchArcade audience might be interested in! I’ve been pretty wishy washy on Apple Watch charger stands, as most of them seem weirdly expensive and honestly don’t provide a ton of functionality that your normal Apple Watch charging cable doesn’t also provide. That is, until I discovered the Elago W3 Vintage Mac Apple Watch Charging Stand. Like most (all?) other Apple Watch charging stands, you take your Apple Watch charging cable and snake it up inside of the stand so that when you slide your Apple Watch into it, you’re really just sliding it up against the original charger. The difference here is look at how friggin’ cute that thing is. When you plop your Apple Watch in the charger at night,...

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Windows on the Snapdragon 850: 5 reasons why you should wait for it

Full disclosure: When he’s not covering mobile tech of a different sort over at our sister site Dgit, Steven works at Qualcomm. Qualcomm and Microsoft have teamed up to bring an all-new (ish) experience to consumers with their “Always on, Always connected PCs” using the Qualcomm Snapdragon 850 processor. This idea is nothing new. Intel tried — and failed — many times. Now it seems the revived partnership of Windows and Qualcomm finally got it right. Three devices are already run Windows on Snapdragon (called WoS devices), using the Snapdragon 835 SoC: Amazon ASIN: HP Envy B07C7XY7GS Amazon ASIN: Lenovo Miix 630 B07C8BJ1NT Amazon ASIN: Asus NovaGo B07CYX3DG8 Despite that, you should wait for the Snapdragon 850 computer-optimized processor. Here are five reasons why. Microsoft hasn’t made its WoS device yet. Personally, I think this is by far the most important reason. While Asus, HP, and Lenovo all make great notebooks and PCs, they don’t have the advantage Microsoft does — designing both hardware and software. Sure, it’s not quite the optimized software and hardware approach of Apple, but it’s certainly close. Microsoft and Qualcomm have worked very closely on this initiative and aren’t going to release a product until it is well polished, refined, and ready for prime time. *Note: Microsoft is not designing the SoC, but working closely with Qualcomm on the design to adapt a mobile...

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‘Pocket City’, the Closest Thing to a Proper Sim City on the App Store Is Now Available

Pocket City ($4.99) is a game we’ve been following for quite a while now, and a game we’ve wanted on our iPhones for far longer- before it was announced, even. I can’t even guess how many times we’ve talked about how great it would be to have a proper Sim City game on the App Store around the TouchArcade water cooler for … ages. Sure, there’s Sim City Build It (Free), but that’s about as much of a Sim City game as Dungeon Keeper (Free) is a Dungeon Keeper game. Sure, it looks kinda sorta similar, and if you cross your eyes hard enough is sort of based on similar concepts… But if you wanted Dungeon Keeper or Sim City, those are like getting the cheapest store brand ice cream when you were looking for some Ben and Jerry’s. Pocket City is the game we’ve been waiting for. We’ll have a full review out soon, but between the above trailer and folks loving the game in our forums, I’d say this is a very safe day one purchase. Additionally, if you were among the group of people flaming EA for Sim City Build It, this is the game you want. Five bucks, universal, no IAP shenanigans, and a lot of the things that would be annoying or cumbersome in a proper Sim City game if it were directly ported...

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Honor Note 10 now official with massive 6.95-inch display, gaming focus

Honor The Honor Note 10 has been launched in China, packing flagship specs and a large, 5,000mAh battery. Honor’s new device also stands out thanks to its gigantic, 6.95-inch AMOLED screen. The new phone offers a performance mode, which is activated via a hardware key. It’s been two years since the last Honor Note device was launched, but fans can now look forward to another massive phablet from the Huawei sub-brand with the Honor Note 10, which was announced in China today. The Honor Note 10 packs flagship-level horsepower thanks to a Kirin 970 chipset, 6GB to 8GB of RAM, and 64GB or 128GB of expandable storage. The brand seems to be targeting the gaming market too, owing to the use of “liquid cooling” to keep the internals from running hot. The gaming focus extends further than the cooling method, as the phone has a dedicated turbo key to enable a performance mode. And yes, Huawei’s much-hyped GPU Turbo enhancement for better gaming performance is also here. Read: Honor 10 review — Reflections of a flagship But the phone’s biggest selling point (quite literally) is the 6.95-inch display (full HD+ AMOLED, 18.5:9), which is drifting incredibly close to full-blown tablet territory. The display size suggests Honor is hoping to attract users who might want a little more power than the likes of the similarly large Mi Max 3. The large screen means...

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