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Month: July 2018

‘Pocket City’ Review – Building Greatness One Zone At A Time

When it comes to mobile gaming there are generally two camps that games fall into. We have the games that are absolutely great for dipping into when standing in line at the market and then we have the games that take hours from you in a similar vein to some of the very best console or PC games. It’s rare that you find a game that somehow manages to straddle the two camps, but in Pocket City ($4.99) we have a shining example of exactly that. This is a game that you can play in small stints but also settle down with, falling into a world other than your own. Pocket City is responsible for me going to sleep two hours later than I should have this past weekend. It’s that good. You don’t need to be a gaming fanatic to be familiar with the Sim City franchise and it is absolutely fair to say that Pocket City borrows heavily from those games. In all fairness it’s fairly difficult to create a city building game without it being compared to the game that arguably started it all, and in that regard Pocket City stands up to the comparisons well. Many of the mechanics are possibly a little too familiar for my liking, but others have just enough of a twist to them to keep Pocket City from feeling too...

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The Itel P32 vs the competition: bigger battery, smaller price tag

In 2018 you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a decent smartphone. There are more budget smartphone choices than ever before. But what exactly does budget mean? $400, $300, $200, even less? Unfortunately, many of today’s so-called “budget” phones still cost hundreds of dollars. The best big battery smartphone in Africa Looking for something that’s sub-$100, yet still offers compelling features? You might think that’s impossible, but that’s exactly what the up and coming brand Itel aims to deliver. For many consumers, especially those in emerging markets, paying $150 or more for a smartphone just isn’t an option. Thankfully, you don’t have to drop that kind of cash. The Itel P32 comes in at just $73 and boasts the title of best big battery smartphone on the continent of Africa. Despite the low price tag, this phone offers many features you’d expect in phones priced for hundreds more. That’s why we have seen Itel’s phone sales rise significantly in markets such as Africa, where the company had the highest total phone sales for the second quarter of 2018. In the above charts we highlight some of the most compelling features found on the P32 and its competitors. You’ll immediately notice a lot of similarities in the spec sheet between the Itel and its rivals, despite the fact the cheapest competitor highlighted above costs $150 and some go...

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‘Vista Golf Rivals’ is the Multiplayer Version of the Minimalist Mini-Golf Series and is Looking for Beta Testers

Last year Shallot Games released Vista Golf (Free), a stylish and minimalist mini-golfing game that you could play with just one hand. Besides having an endless mode, its biggest selling point was how it would rotate in three new 18-hole courses each week, making it a nice competitive game as players would jockey for positioning on the weekly leaderboards. Now Shallot is taking that competitive aspect and expanding on it in a follow-up title called Vista Golf Rivals. Here you’ll be able to compete with other players in asynchronous matches using the same intuitive one-handed controls of the original Vista Golf. It will also include the Skillz platform functionality built in so if you’re feeling especially confident you’ll be able to run tournaments and make real money wagers against opponents, though there’s a virtual currency system in place too if betting actual money isn’t your thing. Also Vista Golf Rivals will feature some new environments over its predecessor, which you can see in this preview video. You may recall that the original Vista Golf ran a beta test on our forums with great results, and so Shallot is looking to do the same thing with Vista Golf Rivals ahead of the game’s official launch next week. If you’re interested in testing, check out the thread in our forums for instructions on how to sign up. Also if you remember...

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Bose Sleepbuds review — Everything you need to know

This article previously appeared on our sister site, If you’ve got tinnitus, getting to sleep never really gets easier with time. While we’d all like to envision ourselves as the protagonist of Baby Driver, those afflicted with tinnitus or a noisy sleep environment are generally tired wrecks during the day. That’s where the Bose Sleepbuds come in. What are the Bose Sleepbuds? In short, this product is designed people who just can’t get to sleep without some added noise help. Bose created a set of truly wireless earbuds to drown out the air conditioner, tinnitus, or really any unwanted noise around you. Earplugs alone aren’t up to the task if you have tinnitus, so this is a one-size-fits-all solution for insomniacs out there. The batteries may take forever to charge, but they also last longer than any truly wireless earbuds on the market. Unlike other truly wireless earbuds, these aren’t built to listen to music as you sleep, no: they only work with the Bose Sleep app. There, you can choose between a number of ambient recordings for you to zonk out to. Basically, it’s a white noise machine that won’t annoy your partner (or downstairs neighbors). While I would have preferred some sort of noise-cancelling or more effective isolation, I understand why this was impossible. Basically, it’s all about comfort: having little earbuds jammed deep in your ear...

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Learn the secrets of DevOps with Cloud Computing in this learning kit

Coding is great, and it opens up exciting career opportunities, but in the tech industry it’s just the first rung of the ladder. Coders are the grunts. To see how high you can go in this game, you need to understand the bigger picture. That’s where DevOps with Cloud Computing comes in. It makes the life of the developers easier by streamlining projects, and therefore saving thousands of dollars. To understand one of tech’s fastest growing fields, we’re spotlighting a deal today which has all the specialist training you need. It’s the DevOps with Cloud Computing Bundle. Those who know how to simplify a project are in high demand. It sounds pretty straight forward, but this is an industry — though high on intellect — that can often be lacking in common-sense solutions. Those who know how to simplify a project, saving weeks or months of development time, are in high demand. Get your foot in the door with the DevOps with Cloud Computing Bundle.  You get 40 hours of premium instruction in both the principles of DevOps, and how to apply them in a Cloud Computing environment. Each of the six learning kits gives you a practical and hands-on guide to these concepts. The bundle even includes comprehensive preparation packages for two different cloud computing certification exams: Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect and AWS Solutions Architect. You’ll have globally-recognized qualifications...

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