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Month: May 2018

SwitchArcade Roundup: ‘Just Shapes and Beats’, ‘West of Loathing’, and Too Many New eShop Releases

Welcome to the SwitchArcade Roundup for May 31st! It’s been a crazy month for Switch releases, and everyone just kind of decided to drop even more new games on us, it seems. Like, there are 16 new releases today. And it’s not just a bunch of throwaway titles, there are some solid originals and ports in the bunch. Plus, Sega released the third episode of the awesome Sonic Mania Adventures cartoon shorts, so watch that, then browse through all the new releases, and a few relevant sales! New Releases Lost Sea ($9.99) I dig cel-shaded graphics and hope they make a big return someday. Thankfully, Lost Sea is here to give me the cel-shading I crave. You get stranded on a mysterious island in the sea, and have to recruit survivors, and find items and upgrades to help you survive and eventually get off of the island. We have to go back, Kate…and play this game again! A little Lost reference there for you. Though, the real winner of mystery shows this millennium? Gravity Falls. It actually has a satisfying conclusion and answers all the important questions! But it doesn’t take place on an island unless you consider North America to be one giant island, I guess. Point is, this game is about being stranded on an island. Songbringer ($19.99) Fans of pixellated action-RPGs, this is the game for...

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MapleStory M pre-registration now open after soft launching earlier this week

MapleStory M, a remake of the original MapleStory for PC, is now available for pre-registration on the Play Store. The game soft launched earlier this week in several countries, so the official launch shouldn’t be too far off. At launch, MapleStory M will feature five classes, as well as an auto button like other modern mobile MMOs. More than 15 years after it was first released, MapleStory is finally coming to mobile devices as MapleStory M. The game is a faithful remake of Nexon’s 2D MMO release, and pre-registration is available now on Google Play. Pre-registration will reward players with a number of exclusive rewards, as well as a notification when the game is released. This generally signals that the game is due for release soon, although it’s been available in certain countries since the beginning of the week. The title has already soft launched in Canada, Australia, Philippines, Indonesia, and New Zealand, so if you’re in one of those countries you can download the game right away. MapleStory M MapleStory is a free-to-play 2D platforming game where players kill monsters to collect weapons and items. Although its popularity has died down in recent years, Nexon continued to release updates to the game more than 10 years after its release. MapleStory M represents a continuation of the series, and will likely gain hundreds of thousands of players on nostalgia alone....

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Google’s Neighbourly looks to get you answers from local community members

Google launched a hyperlocal-focused app called Neighbourly. As the name suggests, Neighbourly lets you ask and answer questions in your neighborhood. The app is only available on Android for Mumbai residents for the time being. What is likely Google’s millionth attempt at social apps, the search giant launched Neighbourly, designed to get you as many answers about your neighborhood from local residents as possible. Currently available in beta, you can either type out your questions or use your voice. As you wait for answers, you can swipe through other questions and answers and give answers of your own either through text or with your voice. You can also share questions to get answers from those who do not use Neighbourly. Keep in mind that Neighbourly is only open to residents of Mumbai, though Google will presumably expand the app to other neighborhoods and cities. As a result, the app currently supports English and eight Indian languages. Also, Neighbourly is only available on Android. Google did not say whether it will launch the app on iOS, though that might wait until the app launches in other locations. Finally, personal details like your phone number, full name, and other contact information are kept private. Other people can see your profile picture and first name, however. Editor’s Pick Google has seven messaging apps – Here’s all of them and what they do...

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First Gameplay Trailer Revealed for ‘World of Demons’ from PlatinumGames and DeNA

Last month PlatinumGames flew a host of games writers, including our own Eli Hodapp, out to Japan to reveal one of their newest projects. To the surprise of many, Platinum announced that their new game would be a free to play mobile title, and that they’d be partnering up with prolific mobile developer and publisher DeNA to help bring it to fruition. Being that Platinum is known for creating hardcore titles like the Bayonetta series and Nier: Automata, there is the worry that existing fans of the company will automatically be turned off by World of Demons due to it being on mobile and being free to play. Those are certainly valid concerns, but based on Eli’s hands-on time with the game last month, I think the developers have a good chance at creating a real skill-based action title on mobile that might surprise even the realist of Real Gamers. Today, Platinum and DeNA have released the first gameplay trailer showing World of Demons in action, check it out. Following that initial reveal trailer last month, and this more gameplay-focused trailer today, I really can’t wait to try out World of Demons for myself. I love character action games and while there have been some pretty decent ones on mobile over the years, it still feels like there’s room to provide an experience that’s especially tailored to the touchscreen....

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Arm Mali-G76 GPU deep dive

In the pursuit of ever greater graphics performance, Arm made some significant changes with the third entry in the high-performance tier of its Bifrost architecture, the Mali-G76. A number of these important tweaks already made their way to the mid-tier Mali-G52, but the G76 aims to push performance up by another 50 percent in just a single iteration. To see how Arm is pushing its chips’ graphics performance, let’s take a closer look inside the Mali-G76. More execution lanes, more performance As we touched on in the announcement, the key to the performance improvement lies in doubling up the number of execution engines inside each Mali-G76 core. In the Mali-G7X architecture, each core contains three execution engines, represented as a multiple of an MP1 on the product naming scheme — An MP2 has two cores and six total execution engines and an MP4 has four cores for 12 execution engines. In the Mali-G52, IP partners have the option of either two or three execution engines for more flexible low-mid range performance. These execution engines contain the execution lanes handling scalar threads for math. These all run in parallel, so a core with more threads can do more math at any one time. However, increasing the number of lanes also increases bandwidth, texture support, and power and silicon area requirements. The Mali-G76 increases the number of lanes in each execution unit...

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