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Month: December 2017

Eli's 10 Best Games of 2017 – These Games Need to Be Listed SOMEWHERE

The thing that sucks about putting together a top 100 best games list is that even though it seems like a ton of games, all sorts of awesome stuff inevitably gets left out. Mobile is a totally unique platform where 100 games can be released in a single week, so doing this end of year coverage often feels like trying to fill a shot glass with a fire hose. This year I’m dedicating my list to great games that I feel like should be somewhere in our “best of” year-end coverage. Subscribe to the TouchArcade YouTube channel AMAZING KATAMARI DAMACY, Free – Forum Thread – This game had a truly bizarre launch, as it seemed like Bandai Namco would soft launch it somewhere, pull it, then randomly soft launch it again. This went on for months, and when you play the “final” game that was released, it makes sense why- The monetization in Amazing Katamari Damacy is super wacky, like they kept trying to tweak or add new things it and eventually were like “Screw it, release it anyway.” If you disregard the abomination of freemium shenanigans (which you totally can), Amazing Katamari Damacy is a really cool game. It’s basically a behind the back runner with Katamari gameplay. Instead of rolling things up in an open world, you’re on a track of sorts, and it all works really...

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Cresht Joins the North American 'Arena of Valor' Hero Roster

Tencent’s Arena of Valor [Free] launched late this month, and I really just can’t get enough of this game. I posted a launch day review, and I still completely stand behind all five of those stars. Arena of Valor is a ton of fun. The one strange thing about the game, however, is the way they’re dealing with releasing heroes across regions is … a bit odd. Each region the game is operated in has a different content release cycle, so the “newest” hero in North America is old news in every other region. Presumably we’ll eventually get caught up, but right now the discrepancies between which heroes are available in which region is real weird. For example, other regions have DC Superheroes like Batman and Superman, but those are still “coming soon” in North America. Whatever rhyme or reason is powering all this decided that this week NA is getting Cresht the Mermidon. Cresht has a pretty cool kit that reminds me a bit of Gnar mixed with Nami from League of Legends. His “normal” form is like a tiny greenish blue merman guy with a spear, and using a rage mechanic is able to transform into a giant kraken-ish looking creature. Check out the hero spotlight: Subscribe to the TouchArcade YouTube channel The basic kit is similar to a lot of transforming heroes in other MOBAs in...

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RPG Reload Glossary: The “Death” of the JRPG, or JRPGs in the 2010s

Hello, gentle readers, and welcome to the RPG Reload, the regular feature where all good things must come to an end. To be specific, welcome to the RPG Reload Glossary, where we sift through the piles of historical debris and messy semantics to try to make some sense of it all. This time around, we’re finishing our look at the history of the JRPG sub-genre. In the last part, we looked at a decade which could charitably be referred to as a hangover from the massive success of the genre in the 1990s. Square, the biggest name in JRPGs, over-extended itself in spectacular fashion and ended up merging with their rival, Enix. The Japanese market lost its taste for home consoles, focusing instead on the convenience that handheld consoles brought to the table. Development on two of the three most popular JRPG series had slowed down considerably, and as the first decade of the new millennium came to a close, you didn’t have to look far to find people proclaiming the death of the JRPG genre had come. As in most cases of such proclamations, there was quite a bit of exaggeration going on. Still, it’s safe to say that the JRPG genre as it was traditionally known went through a pretty rough patch for several years. A lot of that was tied in with the many problems Square...

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Mikhail's 10 Best Games of 2017 – Best iOS Gaming Year Ever

2017 has been the best and busiest year in gaming for me in a long time. While the Nintendo Switch is the focus for most people for 2017, I’ve been consistently blown away by how much fantastic stuff we have seen on iOS this year. In fact the last few weeks have probably been the best in iOS gaming history with fantastic ports and big name releases dropping on the App Store out of nowhere really. 2017 is also a year that has seen loads of great releases on each platform and picking just 10 has been super hard. I’m just glad I always get the highest capacity iPhone and iPad for times like this where I want to keep loads of new games installed at all times. The games below are my favourite and are in no particular order. Subscribe to the TouchArcade YouTube channel FEZ Pocket Edition, $4.99 FEZ finally released on iOS in the form of FEZ Pocket Edition and the port is fantastic. FEZ is one of the games that got me back into gaming properly when I borrowed my friend’s Xbox 360 and replaying it on iPad with a controller over the last weeks has been fantastic. I still consider it one of the best puzzle experiences ever with super music and great pixel art visuals. It is full of brilliantly designed puzzles and...

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Absurd Competitive Sports Game 'Unicycle Hero' Launching on iOS January 31st

Back in August I had my mind blown–literally blown!–when I laid my eyes on the animated .gif splendor of Unicycle Hero from developer Unept, creator of one of my favorite mobile games Level With Me [Free], among others. The idea in Unicycle Hero is that you’re competing in traditional track and field events like javelin and shot put, and some not-so-traditional events like competitive table flipping and hitting a giant 8-ball with a giant pool cue, but you’re doing these things while traveling on a unicycle. I mean… do I really need to go on? This is obviously the future of competitive sports. Maybe the trailer for Unicycle Hero will get you as excited as I am. Subscribe to the TouchArcade YouTube channel Obviously trying to balance yourself on a unicycle while performing these amazing athletic feats only adds to the difficulty and challenge, meaning this is the exact type of event to weed out all those regular humans and see who is truly ready for our unicycle-bound future where our legs are replaced by unicycles. You can help out your cause by buffing up some stats from money you earn in events, with both a Career mode and Practice mode to help you hone your unicycling skills. It looks terribly silly and right up my alley, and today Unept announced on Twitter that Unicycle Hero will be gracing...

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