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Month: November 2017

Rules of Survival guide – how to protect yourself from other players

In Rules of Survival, anything goes. The only real rule is to stay alive, and your opponents are going to do everything in their power to follow it. That means sneaking, sniping, and sometimes flat out fire fights. It can be tough adapting to these brutal tactics, but there are plenty of ways to avoid them. Here are a few tips to help you survive any human encounter in Rules of Survival. [Read more] Go to Source...

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The guide to every villager in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Each villager in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp has a different personality type, unique furniture preferences, and gives out one of a few different materials. With over 30 villagers, there’s a lot to keep track of, especially if you’re after a certain material or amenity. Here’s a handy list of every camper, their personality type, and the materials they’ll have on hand. [Read more] Go to Source...

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148Apps' Ultimate Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp guide

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camphas simply become a way of life for many of us. It’s meant to be a fun little time waster to pop into every now and then for a few minutes, but we can’t help spending any stray moment available to us with our furry friends. Despite it’s adorable facade, there’s quite a bit toPocket Camp, which is why we’ve amassed a number of guides to help you out with every facet of the game. Consider this your go-to resource bank for all thingsPocket Camp. Guides Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp beginner’s guide – how to set up campAnimal Crossing: Pocket Camp mid-game guide – what to do once you hit level 10 Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp guide – how to rake in bells and materials Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp guide – how to craft the best amenities [Read more] Go to Source...

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Be a Criminal Mastermind in Multiplayer Game 'Cash'

Crime doesn’t pay, they say, but in the upcoming multiplayer game Cash, that’s all it does, provided you’re good at robbing people. In Cash you play as a criminal mastermind who has to gather the right crew of, well, hard-working gentlemen, and together you will plan bank heists and attack other players’ hideouts. After you plan what will certainly be the perfect heist, you get to take part in it, using various minigames to crack into safes or hack security systems in order to get your hands on that loot. When your plan fails or when someone unexpectedly triggers an alarm, the cops arrive, and then your guys have to take the cops out if you’re to escape with the loot. While the game seems to be primarily focused on multiplayer modes, it also comes with single-player missions where you get to rob banks and museums. If you want to learn more about Cash, head over to our forum thread and then over here to read the many developer blog posts. Go to Source Author: Tasos...

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'Critical Role' Does 'Kobolds & Catacombs' Tomorrow, Nov. 30th

This is a very pleasant surprise for anyone who likes Hearthstone [Free] and all those Critical Role faithful: the two will come together tomorrow, November 30th, for what should be a great stream. If you don’t know what Critical Role is, it’s a web series by a group of voice actors led by Matthew Mercer, who have been doing Dungeons & Dragons campaigns for Greek & Sundry and have acquired quite the following. And for good reason, too, because their adventures are peppered with hilarity. The cast includes Travis Willingham, Marisha Ray, Taliesin Jaffe, Ashley Johnson, and others, and some of the guest stars have included Felicia Day, Wil Wheaton, Chris Hardwick, Patrick Rothfuss, and Joe Manganiello. Join @CriticalRole this Thursday Nov. 30 as they take their party deep into the Catacombs for a #Kobolds adventure! — Hearthstone (@PlayHearthstone) November 28, 2017 Tomorrow, then, this group of adventurers will take on Hearthstone‘s Kobolds & Catacombs expansion in what should be a hilarious way to learn more about the expansion’s lore. And even if there’s nothing new to learn, the stream will probably still be hilarious, so I’m definitely tuning in. If you want to see the Critical Role cast take on Kobolds & Catacombs, tune in tomorrow at 7 PM PST. Go to Source Author: Tasos...

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