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Month: June 2017

10 best new Android games from June 2017!

Android gaming is getting bigger and better every month it seems and there is always a slew of new titles coming to Google Play. Whether you’re a casual gamer or you want something with a beat more meat on its bones, there’s usually a game coming out to suit everyone’s taste. Let’s take a look at the best new Android games from the last month! You can watch the videos on YouTube from passed months by clicking here! Looking for more new stuff? Check out these recommended app lists!   10 best new Android apps from June 2017! 20...

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The best Android app makers for making apps with zero code

Want to build an app but don’t know how to code? Don’t have the inclination to learn? Don’t worry: there are still plenty of options out there for you. Android app makers are tools created specifically for those people who want to release an app on the Play Store (and possibly other app stores, ssh!) but don’t want to get involved with learning Java or Objective-C. These are largely drag-and-drop affairs. A little customization here, a little branding there and voila, you have an app! Of course you will lose something in translation. App builders do not provide the...

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'Realpolitiks' Is a Real-Time Grand Strategy Game Coming Next Month

If there’s one genre that’s really missing from mobile is real-time grand strategy games of the Paradox kind. Realpolitiks is a game hoping to fill in that void next month. The game has been on Steam for a while and has mixed reviews, but PC player expectations for these kinds of games are usually different from those of mobile players. This “streamlined” real-time grand strategy game lets you rule any country you want and deal with and territorial disputes, economic issues, international affairs, and—of course—military conflicts. You’ll have to also deal with unexpected events and global crises, like the EU collapsing or the Islamic State expanding. Subscribe to the TouchArcade YouTube channel The game uses three main political systems—democracy, authoritarianism, and totalitarianism—to emulate the world, and lets you pick one of those paths for your country. The game will be coming out for iOS and Android in July, and it will have all the features of the PC version but a different, more mobile-friendly interface. Go to Source Author: Tasos...

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Next 'Hearthstone' Expansion Coming in August, It Will Include Adventure-Like Content

The Hearthstone [Free] developer Q&A is over, and while there was some interesting info regarding balancing the game, the information most will be interested in is that the next expansion is coming in August. Ben Brode is apparently super excited about the upcoming expansion, although we don’t have any more details or hints on the theme. We will know all that on July 6th, when the developers will officially announce the next expansion. Expect this expansion to feel different than previous ones because it will be the first expansion-adventure hybrid in the history of the game, since we are...

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RAYSTORM makes it to the Google Play Store with a “special price” of $7.99

Classic scrolling shooter fans rejoice! TAITO Corporation has finally gotten around to releasing RAYSTORM for Android, years after iOS users got the PlayStation/arcade port. Today you can have your share of airborne destruction for the “special price” of $7.99. Yes, that is at a discount. The price will go up to $9.99 after the campaign ends. Is the game worth that amount of cash? To some of us melancholic gamers, it is. We have been known to pay this much (and more) for classic ports. See also: 15 best arcade games for Android July 11, 2016 You can expect...

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