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Month: May 2017

PokeLand is the next official Pokémon mobile game

It’s a good time to be a Pokémon fan. We’re still busy playing Magikarp Jump, and then there’s regular Pokémon GO events and the impending release of the legendaries, and now there’s yet another Pokémon game to add the mix.PokeLand is coming to mobile platforms sometime in the near future. [Read more] Go to Source...

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Google Search just made art education much more interactive

Google Search is an amazingly spectacular thing. Google Arts and Culture is also amazingly spectacular. Wouldn’t it be great if they worked together in a fun and educational way? Now, they do. Announced on Google’s own blog, “The Keyword”, searching and learning about art has just become a lot more interactive through the tech giant. While you could already search about specific pieces and get a pretty good understanding of them, the Google Search team has teamed up with Google Arts and Culture to make the experience even better.   Read moreXiaomi Mi 6 review Now, when you search for an...

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Samsung Gear Fit 2 update brings automatic activity recognition and an SOS feature

Samsung has released a big update for the Gear Fit 2, which improves the device’s heart-rate and exercise-tracking abilities and offers new ways to maximize your training. When you finish a workout, you’ll now see a color-coded graph that shows you the time spent in different heart rate zones. These are broken down by level of exertion to Moderate, Vigorous, and Maximum. See also: Best fitness trackers 3 weeks ago The update also enhances the device’s activity detection, as the Gear Fit 2 will automatically activate its fitness-tracking functions after you exercise for more than ten minutes. And when...

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'Bouncy Hoops' is Noodlecake's Take on Flappy-Style Basketball, Out Now

With the NBA Finals about set to start up once more, there’s time for basketball games. And how about a basketball game to take us back to the halcyon days of 2014, before the NBA Finals became a wasteland of Warriors-Cavaliers matchups. That’s what Noodlecake is promising with Bouncy Hoops [Free], developed by Studio Generative. You tap to launch the ball in the air, tapping again and again to ‘flap’ it up higher and higher, trying to land in the hoop. Subscribe to the TouchArcade YouTube channel It’s admittedly a simple concept, but it works out pretty well. You get points for clean shots, bank shots, and sinking shots from high up. The hoop switches sides after every made basket, and the main mode gives you a timer that counts down, with buzzer beaters possible. And of course, there’s a variety of balls and arenas to play in. It’s a simple high score chaser with good production values, but it’s still pretty solid. There’s a forum thread for Bouncy Hoops, which is out now. Go to Source Author: Carter...

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Galaxy S8 owners may have to wait until late June for full Bixby voice support

The launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus in late April occurred without the full English voice support for its much hyped Bixby digital assistant. Now a new report claims that Bixby won’t add those critical voice command features until at least late June. See also: Bixby vs Google Assistant vs Siri April 24, 2017 The report comes from the usually reliable Wall Street Journal, citing unnamed sources. You may remember that originally Samsung said that Bixby would get its voice command features “later this Spring“, so a delay to late June would show the company is having some additional issues adding voice support to its home-grown assistant. WSJ adds that, according to one source, Bixby is still “struggling to comprehend English syntax and grammar”. The reported delay of Bixby’s voice command features is perhaps the biggest black eye for the launch of the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. However, it does not appear to have affected sales of the smartphones. Earlier in May, the company announced that it had already sold five million Galaxy S8 units, with 10 million units shipped to retailers. While Samsung must be annoyed that its Bixby digital assistant is not yet ready for prime time, you have to think they prefer dealing with this issue compared with the problems of exploding phone batteries, which is what happened to its last flagship device,...

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