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Month: March 2017

'Faily Tumbler' is the Vehicle-less Crash Simulator Spinoff of 'Faily Brakes' and 'Faily Rider'

We’ve had cars with no brakes, motorcycles with no brakes, probably skateboards with no brakes, and now we’ve simply got nothing to blame our crashing on but our bodies themselves. Faily Tumbler is the new project from Spunge Games which takes one of the best parts of both Faily Brakes [Free] and Faily Rider [Free] and makes an entire game out of it. You see, in those previous games you were stuck in a vehicle with no brakes and the object was to avoid crashing for as long as possible as you careened down increasingly hazardous environments. Inevitably you’d...

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Starbucks to open a mobile order-only store in Seattle HQ

Starbucks introduced its mobile ordering system two years ago, and since then, it’s been immensely popular – in fact, so popular that the firm is testing a mobile order-only store within its Seattle headquarters. See also: Starbucks app finally lets you save your favorite drinks, voice commands coming soon January 30, 2017 According to Reuters, Starbucks said in a letter to its employees that the company would be opening a new mobile order-only cafe inside its Seattle headquarters next week. In an effort to increase customer convenience, the company introduced mobile orders in 2015: instead of physically going into...

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Dynasty Warriors Unleashed slashes its way worldwide on Android

After a soft launch in February in Canada, Australia, the Philippines, and Indonesia, the free-to-play hack and slash mobile game Dynasty Warriors Unleashed is now available to download for Android worldwide from the Google Play Store. See also: Best action games for Android! February 5, 2017 The game itself is based on the long-running and highly popular console game series from Koei Tecmo Games. Dynasty Warriors Unleashed, from publisher Nexon, looks like it will retain much of the gameplay from its console cousins. That means players can expect lots of over-the-top action as they swing their swords and other weapons to fight...

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Hearthstone's Journey to Un'Goro Expansion Releases April 6th

As revealed by Ben Brode moments ago on the final Hearthstone [Free] Journey to Un’Goro card tease stream, the latest expansion (and with it, the next card rotation) will start rolling out on April 6th. Now, as you might remember from previous Hearthstone releases, this comes with the caveat that the way their global rollouts work the release will be staggered across regions… So, some patience might be in order when the day arrives. This also serves as a great reminder of buying the pre-order offer before it’s too late. $49.99 gets you 50 packs and a card back, which really is the best value you’re going to find when it comes to buying actual packs of Hearthstone cards. Also, if you’re a card back collector, you sort of need this one too, right? Subscribe to the TouchArcade YouTube channel If you aren’t already, I recommend following along with Tasos’s fantastic weekly Hearthstone roundup, it’s a great way to stay up to date with all the happenings inside and surrounding the game without reading a million different things. Anyway, I’m super stoked for my journey to Un’Goro, so, stay tuned for tons of Hearthstone streams next week. Go to Source Author: Eli...

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Deal: black Galaxy S7 unlocked for just $399.99 on eBay

The Samsung Galaxy S8 may be the hottest thing around right now, but that doesn’t mean last year’s Galaxy flagship is entirely forgotten. It’s still a beautiful phone with amazing features after all. So if you were looking for a good deal on the Galaxy S7, this might interest you: for just $399.99, you can buy an unlocked Galaxy S7 in black from eBay. And it comes with free shipping. See also: Samsung Galaxy S8 vs the competition 2 days ago For better or worse, whenever a company announces their latest gadget, the model that’s getting replaced usually sees...

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