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Giftmeister Helps You Give the Perfect Gift

Giftmeister allows you to browse a database of over 150,000 products from multiple vendors on the Web and in brick-and-mortar stores, and will search that database if you provide some basic information about the person...

Realme X review: X marks the spot

The line between a mid-range smartphone and a premium device is no longer as defined as it used to be. As performance leapfrogs with each successive generation and high-end camera sensors become commonplace in affordable...

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How to change and create your own voices on Waze

Waze is a GPS-based navigation app that gets the community involved. It allows anyone using the app to report traffic conditions, accidents, and other incidents, and even lets you pinpoint speed traps to help other drivers avoid...

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How to set up a router — a step by step guide

Setting up a router may seem like a daunting task, but it’s a lot easier than you think. You just have to know which cable goes where and then configure a few settings to get the router up and running. You don’t need to be a...

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Is MediaTek next to launch a gaming-focused chipset?

We’ve previously seen Qualcomm launch the gaming-focused Snapdragon 730G, while also pushing the brand-new Snapdragon 855 Plus as a gaming chipset. It now looks like MediaTek is joining the party with a gaming-branded offering...

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